Friday, September 20, 2013

Faves for Friday: elephants

So if you haven't noticed, 
I love elephants.
They stay together for life, take care of each other, and even morn the loss of a family member.
What is not to love?

I was so excited to find this elephant top at the Chico's Outlet!
I went shopping with my mom to pick out some new outfits for her {I love playing stylist!}, 
she explicitly told me that she would not get me anything.

Then this shirt happened.
 So this became the exception.

What I Wore: glasses- Steve Madden, top- Chicos outlet, shorts- Mikkat Market, sandals- Sam & Libby for Target, bag- Michael Kors

Wore this to dinner on one summer night to the Belmar Fishing Club,
I miss summer. 
like lots.

Took "The Italians" to the beach!
I had 10 people come to the US for my wedding!
My grandma {aka Nonna} & her sisters 
Mine is the one in the leopard. Obviously.

Why did summer have to end so fast?! 
Only 277 days until the next one!

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