Thursday, June 7, 2012

Teach you how to in 8 easy steps...

Fix a bracelet that is too large!
{& yes I did name this post after Alanis Morissetteet} 

I received this bracelet from a student as a present for finishing student teaching.
I was so excited and loved it, until while out celebrating with the fiancé, I lost it. 
{if you are reading this... I am sorry!}

It slipped right off since it was big, I was devastated!
I ripped apart my apartment, searching every where.

The fiancé found it in his car = day saved. 

Anyways, I knew that I needed to make it fit better so I could wear it everyday and not worry about losing it again. 

So I decided to take a trip to Michaels and see what I could do:
Step 1: purchase rings, clips for the end of the bracelet and lobster claw closures {I think all to get it is was like $8 & I can fix bracelets until the cows come home}. You also need: scissors, pilers, a lighter to keep the ends from fraying, and the bracelet you want to fix of course! 

Step 2: pick out the correct size of the end clips you need for the width of the bracelet. My advice- pick out a few of the size you need, I needed to try a couple of times...

Step 3: Put the bracelet on and measure how you would like the bracelet to fit.

Step 4: Cut the bracelet at the determined marks, make sure your measurements are even and allow the design of the bracelet to sit on your wrist nicely. 

Step 5: Both sides should be cut to remove the extra. 

Step 6: Fasten the end clips to both end of the bracelet using the pilers. 

Step 7: Add the rings to both end clips and add the lobster claw closure. Make sure all the rings are secure with no way that the bracelet could come apart. {With wear this does happen so you have to check every once in a while}

Step 8: Put it on and enjoy you new custom fit bracelet!

Now it is sitting pretty on my left wrist & I am not afraid of loosing it anymore! 
I love it & it reminds me that I will be a teacher one day! 

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