Monday, June 18, 2012


On Saturday I went to New York City on a Chocolate Tour with the future mother-in-law and the fiancés aunts, cousins, and sister:

The tour started at the Chelsea Market, which used to be a Nabisco factory where the Oreo was invented:

& If you feel like having your own free chocolate tour, here is where we went:
Had some really thick spicy hot chocolate @ Jacques

Had some really dark chocolate @ Li-Lac {one of the oldest chocolatiers in the city}

Then we had some salty sea salt chocolate @ chocolate bar

We had cupcakes @ Magnolia {famous from Sex in the City}, they were eh, need to be creamier and more moist. 

Then we had a "famous" cannoli @ Bruno, pretty good but not the best I have ever had

Xocolatti was my favorite stop of the day, amazing bark with exotic flavors like saffron and mango white chocolate. I will be making another stop here =)

 Then last but not least, perhaps the strangest of the tour we tried spicy chocolate covered chips & chocolate with bacon. Yes bacon. strange but not too bad @ Vosges

& finally...
Much needed cocktail(s) and burger after hours of sweets.

& did a bit of sight seeing 

& finally rocked my moo print shirt from Tea and Tulips
What I Wore: moo print blouse- Tea and Tulips, neon necklace- GypsyWarrior, pink shorts- GAP outlet {$15!}, flats- Forever 21. Accessories: bag- Dooney & Bourke {mom's}, glasses: BonLook.

So much fun!

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