Friday, June 29, 2012

faves for friday: Cotton On

My absolute favorite retail store has moved to the east coast!
I first found Cotton On in Hong Kong on a trip in college.
Then again my obsession was discovered in New Zealand.

Now= Freehold Mall in Freehold, NJ!
I was nervous to shop the US version because maybe it wouldn't add up to my high expectations.

It was like they were reading my subconscious shopping list at AMAZING prices, here is my haul:
White jeans- $30
Neon shorts- $15 {I have been searching for a cheap pair in this color!}
Bathing suit- $10! 
Chambray shirt- $10 {searching for this!}
Scarf top- $15
White top with leather detailing- $10 {LOVE this!}
& Of course I took one of those charity bracelets for my arm party- $1

Seriously amazing. 
I will be returning ASAP. 

Cotton On, you never disappoint no matter where you are! 

See you all in a week,
Hola from Mexico!
I will have a margarita for you =)

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