Wednesday, November 16, 2022

On Wednesday’s we wear pink (Coach loafers) & talk about what we are watching

I am obsessed with these Coach "Hanna Loafers",
this pink is PERFECTION!
Could not wait to wear them

& what better debut of these loafers than with my Kika Vargas x Target dress!

What I Wore: glasses- Faniel Eyewear, hoops- Julie Vos "Monaco Hoops", dress- Kika Vargas x Target, loafers- Coach "Hanna Loafer"

Went out to celebrate the oldest Charlie Pop's 80th birthday!

It is Wednesday, so lets catch up on
We finished it during Halloween, it was overall pretty good, 
some episodes are better than others. 
My favorites: Lot 36, The AutopsyThe Murmuring 

I really enjoyed this show,
I think this is worth getting Apple TV just to watch.
such an interesting/disturbing concept.
Really makes you think about the concept of work / life balance in a whole different way...

I already knew the story and it takes place in NJ.
So disturbing.
The amount of negligence that allowed this to continue 
was eyeopening but not surprising really.

We just finished this & I thought this was so good! 
Steve Carell in this serious role proves he can do it all.
The story was captivating and one that you didn't want to end.

overall we enjoyed it but some of the time jumps and recasting took you out of the story,
looking forward to the series continuing.

How cool is this tour bus I spotted in New York, it is 3D!

initially I enjoyed this but it was pretty slow overall.
I heard it was not renewed which is kinda sad since I thought it was actually picking up at the end
{Yellowjackets on Showtime is a similar concept but much better written, 
more compelling and more interesting. Excited for the next season of that show}

I have heard so many good things about this show and now I know why.
It is witty with amazing costuming.
They used to film this all around my old office, happy I finally got to see what the hype is about.

this was amazing! 
Could be hard to follow at times but such an interesting story line with incredible acting.
We also watched this with a newborn so there was a lot going on

I LOVE the "Punk" cardigan that the main character Evelyn wears at the end of the movie:

this should be required viewing, especially this day in age.
Sad to think that this is the reality for a growing number of women in America 
who don't have access to abortion care:

Now on to some reality TV that I have been watching:
I liked this show, I thought it was an interesting take on a real-estate type show,
it was interesting to see the way they think about investments and making deals

I like this show even though their design aesthetic is not exactly mine...
LOTS of white

I love this show, especially when @dczeey makes an appearance

I was blown away by the amount of work they get done in a matter of hours.
I hope that it doesn't cut too many corners though,
especially in that one episode where they add a whole damn bathroom to the back of someone's house

Another hot garbage reality show I watch.
Not a fan of any of the people in Season 2 but I did watch "After The Altar" 😬 

I thought the people in Season 3 were much more tolerable (well most of them)

I personally think Machine Gun Kelly is pretty talented, 
it was interesting to see his transition into more pop-punk from rap 
& his relationship with Megan Fox

this needed to be made years ago, a lot of this I already knew, 
it did feel like an Epstein doc at points 

I love a fashion competition show!

I started watching this one after a girl I went to high school with 
@julia_oldspoolsewing was on Season 1 Ep 10!

Also shout out to the guy who is obsessed with pugs...

{just realized there is a Season 3 out?! Putting it on my watch list!}

**spoiler alert** the winner is an FIT alumni!

Here are the pieces that I liked from the "Making the Cut" Amazon Store

Also loved these looks from the finalist Gary,
Almost bought that Levi's jacket
the closest I've come to actually ordering something from the "Making the Cut" Amazon Store

Loved the esthetic of the other Andrea too, so much sparkle!
Would were any and all of these pieces!

This is me when it comes to any fashion competition show:

What are you watching these days?!
I need some recs!

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