Wednesday, October 26, 2022

what I'm watching this spooky season ๐Ÿ’€

I really wanted to wear this skeleton crewneck, 
I wore it last year, only around my house,
 I was only like 10 weeks into my pregnancy

Now look I have this little skeleton dude!

What I Wore: glasses- GlassesUSA, sweatshirt- MarigoldCustom on Etsy, leggings- Kohls, boots- "Moon Phase Fringe Boots" from Hunt & Orchard

A little spooky season "What I'm Watching" so far:
I am absolutely obsessed with "What We Do In The Shadows" on Hulu
I think it is one of the funniest shows and is still a little spooky but hilarious!

"Pretty Little Liars "Original Sin"" reboot on HBO Max: 
it was pretty good, the movie obsessed character was annoying but overall I enjoyed it 

We just finished "The Midnight Club" on Netflix, 
I enjoyed it, the first episodes were good, the middle was a little slow 
and the ending was eh but overall it was good:

We also watched "Veronica" on Netflix based off a friends rec and it was good! 
It is in Spanish so be prepared for subtitles but it is a compelling possession story

I, like seemingly everyone else, 
I thought it was good, Evan Peters is creepily good 
but I was most impressed by the neighbor character Glenda played by Niecy Nash, 
she was so believable

I kept getting Napoleon Dynamite vibes from Even Peters and I wasn't the only one...

This also made me lol

Not exactly spooky but I really enjoyed "Life After Death with Tyler Henry"
very compelling, I thought he came across pretty legit and compassionate.
It really made me realize how many horrific ways you can die though... 
like one story involves a damn LAND SLIDE

Also watched "Hocus Pocus 2" on Disney + and I thought it was just okay, 
It is hard to remake or add to a story that is part of the collective childhood of a generation, 
I thought it could have been funnier and have more nods to the original 
but it was still worth a watch in my opinion

I have been seeing these signs while driving and I love them:

We have some more on our watch list for the rest of this week including:
The Watcher” on Netflix

**update** we started "Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities" on Netflix
and so far so good! 
Looking forward to the other episodes!

What is on you spooky season must watch list?
Do share!

Even though Halloween is already next Monday, 
I feel like we can all be a little spookier for longer, 
no rules.


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