Sunday, October 16, 2022

Fall Target Designer Collection- try on, reviews, purchases & passes!

Did you shop the new Fall Target Designer Collection?

I sure did!
One good thing that comes out of sleep deprivation & getting up at 3 am to take care of a baby 
is that I was right on time to shop the new collections!
I ordered everything that I wanted and scheduled to pick it up in the morning from my local Target!
It was the best way to do it- I already knew I had everything secured that I wanted 
and I still got to go see the pieces in store at my own pace (not 8 am when the store opens), 
try them on and make exchanges if needed!

My store (Princeton, NJ) was fully stocked, 
the whole area was full of merchandise, 
almost too full that it was hard to pull pieces off the racks, 
there were also racks of overstock of the collections throughout the store

These are the pieces that made it home to my wardrobe:
{details- sizing info/try on below for each piece}
from left to right- 

I originally ordered a large in this dress (try on pic on the left)
but I ended up exchanging it for a medium (try on pic on the right)
I love this dress, so bright and fun, especially love the scalloped detail at the collar, 
my sister got it too!

this was a piece that I did not originally order online, but when I saw it in store I needed to try it on, 
and when I tried it on I knew I wanted it!
I got a size medium
It is definitely a statement piece, bright, scalloped edges & puffed sleeves
I love it!

This was my #1 most wanted piece, I got a size large
I love the colors, the rope texture, the sailor vibes

This was my number #2 pick from the collection, I got a size large.
I have been into turtlenecks the last couple falls, 
if I didn't already buy it I would have after seeing it on Alok Vaid-Meno
it is fantastic!

Two pieces from the collection that I thought I would purchase but ended up not really liking: 

I initially did order the tank online 
but it was much more cropped than I thought it would be in person
{wearing size medium}
I love the metallic knit, I wish it was longer 
and I wish the other gold sweater version didn't have an open back with just two ties
& I returned it.

{wearing size large}
I liked this but I felt like it was too similar to other pieces I own 
and I think I would rather have a piece like this be vintage.

Other pieces that I liked but didn't purchase:

Overall I am very happy with the pieces that I got and quality!
I am happy this collection offered some bright colors and patterns!

I also went to Target looking to see these A New Day loafers in person 
after seeing them on @laurabeverlin's Instagram Story:

Only found one white pair (not my size) in store and they seem to be sold out in white online
still thinking about getting a tan pair though! 

Also loved these boots but can't seem to find them online:

Another collab that I recently became aware of is Future Collective:

This is an ongoing collab with different people 
with the goal of capturing "each influencer's unique style and personality 
and bring it straight to our fashion-conscious quests" according to Target
Starting strong with Kahlana Barfield Brown:

A few pieces that I liked from this collab 
{but didn't end up purchasing anything- at least not yet}

Yet another fashion collab from Target is Houston White
with some fun unisex looks and fun patterns!

I also LOVE this "Wooden Desk with Carved Pattern" 
from the second Tabitha Brown x Target release,
sad it sold out before I had a chance to score it.
SO CUTE in this room:

I saw this Tik Tok this morning from @dan.bravo about the "Premium Target Black" store in NYC 
and I am SO intrigued, 
I will definitely be making my way to this concept store to see it for myself when it is open!

So did you shop?
Are you planning on it? 
Are you as intrigued by "Target Black" as I am?!


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