Monday, November 7, 2022

Mommy Mondaze :: Motherhood: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I am starting a new series on this blog on Mondays focusing on motherhood,
it will be an honest take (+ lots of memes) on a variety of mommy related topics.

DISCLAIMER: if this sort of thing does not interest you 
or you get grossed out easily, this post may not be for you.
I am going to be quite candid...

Chapter 1:

Let me start by saying I am honored to get to be a mother.
If you have been following me for a little while 
you know that we tried for a very long time to conceive 
and that our little Charlie is an IVF baby.

I know I am beyond lucky.

That being said motherhood is NO JOKE.
It is not for the faint of heart, 
it is all consuming.

It is the hardest job I have ever had.

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Lets kick it off with some positive.

These are not comprehensive lists, but are ramblings of what comes to mind.

• Having your biology really take over and being able to recognize exactly what your baby needs (most of the time)
• Being able to put the baby to sleep while feeding them or rubbing there head or patting the butt (sometimes takes all three)
• That first smile, coo and giggle & every single one after. Bonus points for the smile you get when they see you walk into the room or wake them up in the morning.
• When they reach out to you for the first time
• When they hold you finger with their whole little hand wrapped around
• Watching them develop into little humans with glimpses of who they might be when they get older.
• Getting to say no to lots of things you don't want to be bothered with and getting to leave when ever the baby decides to melt down.
• Makes you look at life through a totally different lens, so much so that you may not the same person that you were before and that is okay.
• Seeing your partner become a father, and growing closer through every experience with the new human you created together ๐Ÿ˜ 

A family member shared this with me on Facebook and it hit home

July 5, 2022

• I felt better about my body two weeks postpartum than I did at 2 months postpartum & now.
• I am SO MUCH more hungry now than I was pregnant. Could be due to the lack of heartburn that I suffered during pregnancy that made eating not so much fun because I would pay for it later. Could be breastfeeding IDK
• Speaking of eating, better get good at eating with one hand or eating in shifts because meal time is prime melt down time.
• Still having to watch what you eat/drink because it makes the baby fussy.
• Mom brain. I was never a good speller but it has gotten so much worse. The brain farts are more like explosions.
• Everything takes soooooo much longer to accomplish. Writing a blog post, getting ready, doing pretty much ANYTHING
• Babies grow SO FAST. Everyone tells you to enjoy every minute but really you blink and the baby is holding this own head, giggling away. Soon he will be crawling, running, and essentially going to college any day now. ๐Ÿ˜ญ 

June 28, 2022
Little Charlie was a little over 1 month old here

• That first postpartum sh*t ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Why does no one tell you how terrifying this is?! Especially with my labor/delivery and hemorrhaging this was scary and **almost** became a reason to run back to the emergency room as I passed a massive clot and thought I was going to die.

• Speaking of sh*t- Getting pooped and peed on becomes a possibility every day, multiple times a day...

• Everyone feeling like the have clearance to talk about my body. Listen I am sure people think that they are being complimentary but just don't.
• You are never alone. For better or worse.
• Fantom crying- why does no one talk about this? I hear Little Charlie crying all the time and check on him or look at the monitor and he is sleeping... so creepy.
• Everyone tells you you will never sleep again, and my god it does feel like that.

• Hair falling out in clumps, serious noticeable hair loss. Just one example from one shower... it is like this every time (if not worse)

•  The night sweats were so bad in the beginning, sweating though my clothes no matter how low the air condition was

• The new mother stench. Why does no one tell you how much you will smell. I get that this is to help guide the new little gremlin to the boob to eat but my god. ๐Ÿคข
This is what most days of motherhood looks like:
{source: Jess Ulrichs, Writer on Facebook ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿผ such a great explanation of motherhood}

The accuracy of this though:

I recently stumbled across the show "The Letdown" on Netflix and I really enjoyed it.
I feel like it accurately portrayed motherhood.

So fellow mamas,
what did I miss? 

I am sure tons,
because you know... mom brain.

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