Sunday, July 10, 2022

Summer 2022 Wishlist!

LOTS of summer goodies are on my list this year!
It is still summer right?!
I have been trying to work on this post for a month now... 
but you know... 
newborn activities of eating every 2 hours take up A LOT of my days...

Top: 1. Love this Gravel & Gold boob tank on @theyaresam πŸ”› Instagram
2. This jacket πŸ˜ from @kittybadhands πŸ”› Instagram
Bottom: 1. Love that this tee is knitted & love the colors- from Boden as πŸ‘€ on @glitterandgingham πŸ”› Instagram
3. SO Oversized Full-Zip Hoodie from Kohls {love the color block, could do without the "Love" part on the front- I know it is part of the pride collection but let the color blocking speak for itself!}

3. Plus Size Mushroom Denim Shorts from Forever 21 {wish I bought these before they sold out πŸ˜”}
2. High-Waisted Cropped Linen-Blend Pants from Old Navy {I think the striped is sold out πŸ˜’}
3. Farm Rio Mosaic Sweatpants for sale on ban.dō, orrrr get some from a small business from friend-of-the-blog Ashlyn @builtfromashes

3. I keep seeing this Amazon dress on @onelifeandstyle πŸ”› Instagram and I love it on her!
3. after seeing this Tabitha Brown x Target Botanical Print Puff Sleeve Mini Dress on @glitterandgingham's Instagram Story I wish I added it to my order!

We interrupt this broadcast for this meme that made me laugh out loud,
and also triggered me a little if I am being honest:
{source: was from @mj_laboy πŸ”› Instagram, now deleted πŸ€·πŸ»‍♀️}

Bathing suits: 

Middle: Double-Strap Slide Sandals from Old Navy {also love them in leopard πŸ†}
2. Each one of these loafers from Artemis Design Co is unique but this pair is the most similar

2. Crochet Tote Handbag Universal Thread @ Target {sold out- would have totally purchased it immediately if it wasn't sold out when I found it 😒} 
I am in love with this Market Tote Handbag too, may purchase!
2. Rope Tote Bag from Gap {sold out}

2. Kendra Scott Sienna Gold Half Sun Pendant Necklace in Citrus Kyocera Opal {spoiler alert I bought myself this! Could not stop thinking about it, perfect summer layering necklace!}

Bottom: 1. Effect frames from Eyebuydirect {these are a close contender these days}
2. A10185315 from Zenni Optical {I was so close to pulling the trigger on these but they are not able to be Rx 😒- use code ZENAWQMQCGY for 10% off!}

(a new category this season πŸ˜‰ )
{this one is cute but went this this one from Amazon- as seen HERE on Little Charlie}

I am a virgo and I am definably citronella candles as my summer thing,
because I get eaten alive by mosquitos:

My hubby is a pisces and the ice cream truck jingle is one of my favorite sounds
and now we have our little gemini and he is fireflies?!

Sounds like summer perfection to me!

But really though this is me in the summer:

🦟 πŸ‘‹πŸ»

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