Sunday, May 8, 2022

Mother's Day 2022 (a last minute maternity πŸ“Έ shoot!}

Not going to lie I have a lot of complicated feelings around Mother's Day, 
as it has been 4 years of trying and 4 Mother's Days without having a baby.
I know I am closer than ever and that I am incredibly lucky
but it doesn't make the struggle or journey any less painful and hard.

I wrote this in my notes app last year and it still feels so raw,
after my first (of many) IVF transfer cycles would be cancelled:

I had posted this on my Instagram Story, not ready to say much else...

But the truth is, a positive test does not guarantee a baby, 
nothing does really. 

Better to never ask.

I took a poll on my Instagram Stories a couple months ago,
wondering out loud if I should do a maternity photo shoot,
still was on the fence until about two weeks ago...

Well I ended up doing it, 
last minute of course...

Shout out to my friend Brianna Lynn Photography for working with my schedule 
and dealing with my excess of prints...

Excited to meet you little one πŸ’™

Let's end with a laugh:


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