Saturday, May 7, 2022

Humble Beauty Opinion #101 :: April 2022

A week late April Humble Beauty Opinion! 
My monthly subscriptions, purchases, reviews, wishlists & empties!

As per usual lets start with my monthly subscription to Ipsy!

This month's bag was okay, 
still have to use a these products, do like the foot cream though!

I added on the Barefoot Scientist "Sleep On It" Overnight Moisturizing Gel Socks
 to my bag this month,
I like them but they are a little tight 
& I have pretty small feet so IDK how these would fit others

Look at those little kitty toes

I guess Ipsy is aware of my current situation since this was the banner:

Got a new BumpBox with some beauty goodies:

I finished my Urban Decay "All Nighter" and the elf setting spray that I had to hold me over, 
I am excited to try this some more!

Got some goodies on my monthly makeup wishlist!

I haven't been interested or bought a new eyeshadow palette in a while 
but this "Dear Mom" palette from Jaclyn Cosmetics has be intrigued! 
Looks like such a good mix! 

I also am intrigued by this Tik Tok from @makeupsessions
I gotta smell this Ariana Grande "Cloud" perfume
she said it is the one people comment on the most!

Also on the social medias I saw that Lights Lacquer had a rebrand!
New bottles, old colors rereleased {Carmello is an all time fave of mine!}
I am interested to see where this new direction takes them 

This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated  
& all my humble opinions in between:
beauty: Seiche Vite "Dry Fast Top Coat"- this is my go to, ordered two more from Amazon | Tom Ford perfume- this has no name on it anywhere, I got it from my MIL and I loved it! The smell reminds me of my childhood in Italy. Will have to find out which one this is so I can get a new one! | Almay "Sensitive Skin" Anti-perspirant & Deodorant- this is a nice cheap deodorant | Rimmel "Lash Accelerator Endless" mascara- not a huge fan of this, nothing to write home about | Cuccio SAVASANA hand & body oil- used this for my bump and enjoyed it | Smashbox Cosmetics "Disco Rose"- this has been a favorite go to for years now, I am sad that it is done, wish they still made it! | Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter- this is my go to, love this lotion | Garnier SkinActive "Micellar Cleansing Water"- IDK if this does anything... | 10/10 Optics eyeglass cleaner- getting better at cleaning my glasses! | Aveeno baby lotion- the perfect size for my work bag- simple lotion | GlamGlow "BrightEyes"- a nice eye cream, not sure it is brightening but enjoyed it | itCosmetics primer- I don't think this did anything to help prep my skin for makeup not a favorite | three ships "Dew Drops"- I enjoyed this serum | Anastasia Eye Primer- this is THE WORST, happy it is gone | Trader Joe's Vitamin C Serum- I really enjoyed this serum! Would recommend!

bath: Loreal "Red Velvet"- not my usual but still nice, don't think it lasted any longer than my cheap Revlon one | beauty 360 Jumbo Cotton Balls from CVS- these are my favorite, the perfect size for toner and you can separate them for eye make removing | beauty 360 Cotton Swabs- you know, a basic from CVS | Suave "Rosemary & Mint" conditioner- I really enjoy this! So good for the price | Soothing belly mask from ever eden- this was a strange experience, a face mask for my belly. felt nice and a good practice for some self care/relaxing | Summer's Eve "Sheer Floral Cleansing Cloths"- perfect for a refresh |  Lemon Verbena "Triple Milled Soap" from Trader Joe's- I liked this but it was a little drying for me right now | Joon x Moon "Lavender Whipped Soap"- I got this as a gift from my Aunt and enjoyed it! bumble and bumble "Hairdresser's Invisible Oil x2- this is a pre shampoo mask and I do think it makes my hair more shiny and feel less damaged

candles: Trader Joe's "Cranberry Pine"- I liked this, wish these had more carry, that is always my feedback on Trader Joe's candles } | Cozy Nights from Target- this is one of my all time fall/winter/whenever candles, I love it!

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