Sunday, April 10, 2022

“No sleep till brooklinen”

 to the tune of “No Sleep Till Brooklyn"
by the Beastie Boys

I was about to splurge and do some "after pay" for some Brooklinen sheets,
specifically the "Linen Core Set"

Then like a sign from above, 
@260samplesale 🔛 Instagram posted that this week was the Brooklinen sample sale!

Headed downtown to check out their selection on Friday,
got two sets of the "Linen Core Set" sheets, a sweatshirt and sweatpants for $290!

We slept on them for the first time last night and Charlie loves them, 
worth every penny and the labor of carrying them across state lines.

Here are some other random goodies I've picked up recently! 

LOVE this eye necklace from Stone Copper,
as seen on their Instagram

We also got Barry a new car seat 
& I think he likes it, 
my two cuties!

Picked up this top from Forever 21
It is so cute but veryyyy cropped,
more so with my pregnant belly.

But I still got to wear it before its really ridiculous looking

After seeing a Tik Tok from @elizabethh1322 a long time ago 
I picked up some of these flooring samples from Home Depot,
 have been using them as coasters and I love them! 
They are durable, still cute & free!

Been meaning to share this little hack

Also got a light for my closet from Home Depot
& I am so excited about it!
It is motion censored & perfect for places without a plug

Did you shop the Stoney Clover Lane x Target collection?
I wasn't super into it, but I did love these tie dye sandals!

Also loved these tie dye bags, 
would have def gotten the duffle if I was quicker with this collection release


I also got this nursing/labor gown from Milk & Baby
because it is getting REAL over here!

This is so true especially when you have a baby registry out in the world...


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