Saturday, August 22, 2020

Late Summer Wishlist!

I know it is a little late in the summer season for a wishlist 
and that it seems like everyone (bloggers) are acting like it is Fall already...
But there is a month left of summer and with sales, 
it may be the best time for some new summer scores!

I love this tie dye top from @happyhourtiedyes

I love this green/blue tie dye {was from Nordstrom, sold out now}

I also loved this top from @katespadeny on Instagram,
was a sponsored post and now I can't find this top anymore πŸ˜•

I love this mother of pearl cloud necklace from Kate Spade:

I love the print of this dress from Pepa Loves

 Speaking of prints, I am obsessed with this print from @wearmaterial 
(they make some of my all time favorites!)

After posting the most amazing Jersey Shore Covid pic 
I got sucked into Claudia Chloe's shop & fell in love with this beach sweatshirt:

While walking to work and window shopping as per usual, 
I fell in love with this leopard print mesh shirt from Forever 21... 
I did go in to see if I could find it but sadly didn't and didn't have time to ask.
It is a horrible pic, but I love this whole look:

Speaking of commuting, 
I love these Soludos espadrilles from joanailiescu's Poshmark Closet
but are now sold out =(

Remember when I blogged about all the amazing new bathing suits
 that I got to be "Suited up for Summer!"
Well there was a lot more on the wishlist as far as bathing suits go...
Here are the others I had on my list:

I loved this watermelon two piece since last year from @sheinofficial 
but doubt I would wear a two piece anymore 
(they are just NOT comfortable!)

I love the different directions of the stripes in this Walmart bathing suit as πŸ‘€  on @whoawaitwalmart πŸ”› Instagram:

Love all these suits from this sponsored post from @kortnijeane on Instagram:

Two bathing suits that I like that are on the pricier side:
Left: Tory Burch | Right: Sundance

Loved these leopard suits:
Left: Old Navy | Right: @lucyaveboutique

Love the eye print of this suit from @kitty_and_vibe {left} & Sensi Graves bikinis {right}

I love me some cow print (we know this) 
but these suits are just so cute!
Left: as πŸ‘€ on @dairygothmother | Right: @abbybrown110

MAJOR cow print inspo as πŸ‘€ on @vintage.cheese πŸ”› Instagram:

 Love both of these suits from @summersalt on Instagram:

Obsessed with this jungle print of this J.Crew
& I am not the only one since it is sold out:

I know it is late for some new swimwear, but we could it now for next summer 
when we may actually have a summer...

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