Saturday, August 8, 2020

Feelin' Fierce In My New Zenni x Cynthia Rowley Glasses!

SO happy Zenni reached out to me & hooked me up
with a pair of these Cynthia Rowley "Lily 4446339" specs,
I love the color and the stud details!

Feelin' fierce!

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Zenni x Cynthia Rowley "Lily 4446339", lips- Clinique "11 Peppermint Pop", eyeshadow 🎨- NARS "Inferno" gift from my in-laws, earrings- Julie Vos, necklace- Julie Vos "Bee Delicate", tank- Walmart, pants- Scoop x Walmart, sandals- Payless (I think, they are old)

Zenni has so many great frames to choose from!

I love these cat eye striped frames #3220414 in every color:

I love the shape, color & pattern of these #4445239 frames:
 I love the metal web details of these #3220621 frames:
 I love the vintage sparkly details in these #3221719 frames:

I also LOVE these 4 pairs:
From top to bottom:
1. #193935
2. #126639

Also love these #3219611 frames:

{source: sponsored post from @zennioptical 🔛 Instagram}

I also became obsessed with the frames that Ms. Venable 
wears in American Horror Story "Apocalypse" 
and apparently I am not the only one since there was a reddit thread about it, 
I love the Zenni #158019 frames are they are a pretty close match:

Love them in black and gold too!

So many amazing affordable options
& that is why I love Zenni!

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