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Humble Beauty Opinion :: May!

Last Saturday of the month = May Humble Beauty Opinion! 
My monthly subscriptions, purchases, reviews, wishlists & empties!

Let's start with my monthly Ipsy bag, as per usual!
& this month was a good one!
I especially love the Nails.Inc Nail Polish in "Lilac Grove" 
and it lasts on the nails!
I have had it on my toes for weeks at this point and it still looks great!
I also really love the Tarte "H20 Gloss in Hang Ten"- such a great gloss!

I picked the OneKind "Dream Cream Nighttime Moisturizer" for this month's Ipsy
but have not tried it yet, still working on a different one.
Still love this "pick one" feature from Ipsy
makes each bag a little more special!

This month I also picked up this little "Pretty & Pampered Trio" for $10,
so far I am loving the Kensie perfume and the Smith & Cult polish, 
have not used the creme yet.

As for the "Free Gift With Purchase",
it was an old Ipsy glam bag... 🤷🏻‍♀️

An item from a previous Ipsy bag that I have grown to really love 
and will probably purchase is the Yensa "Skin on Skin BC Foundation"
I like the color and a very little goes a long way for a nice coverage.
With the SPF 40, it will be perfect for vacation (whenever that happens)

I have been thinking about Ep 203 of Fat Mascara 
with guest host Kathleen Lights a lot lately. 
In this episode they discussed the "Lipstick Index" where Leonard Lauder 
of Estee Lauder claimed that there is an increase in cosmetic sales during a recession.
This has always made sense to me because even when we had no money,
 I would still treat myself with a little lipstick purchase from CVS every now & again 
(could be why I have so many lipsticks from years of working 
in a career that I was not happy in)

Jessica & Jennifer brought up the "Lipstick Index" in the context of the current economic issues 
and they discussed if the "Lipstick Index" would still stand. 
I thought it was so interesting because no one is wearing lipstick right now, 
especially because if you have to wear a mask everywhere 
it is not sensible to pop on a bright lip (although I am still pushing that boundary)

They also discussed if the sales of skin care (since we are all home) 
and eyeshadow palettes will take off because that is still a creative expression 
you can see while wearing a mask. 
Such an interesting correlation if it does work out that way.

I know I unknowingly took part in the "Eyeshadow Index" at the beginning of quarantine, 
mainly because Morphe put the James Charles palette on sale for $20!
I have wanted this since it came out and it was a deal I couldn't resist!

I have used it a handful of times, I mean- I am not doing my makeup everyday right now 
but when I do, I find myself reaching for this baby!
It is beautiful and pigmented and I am loving it!

I have also picked up these two little palettes from the balm:
"GRL PWDR" & "DAY2NITE"- both on sale for under $14
I fell in love with the yellow "Pic Perfect" palette from my March HBO post
& wanted to complete my collection!
I am loving these products too, especially the blushes in "GRL PWDR"
they are so good!

I also fell in love with this "Lady and the Pug" palette but it's sold out!
the balm has some of THE BEST packaging!

after seeing it on my friend @keldeartistry_ 🔛 Instagram:

It is beautiful!

But I do wish I picked up the Eye Kandy "Liquid Sugar"
My friend @keldeartistry_ 🔛 Instagram recommends it 
and I really wish I got it when I placed my order, next time!

I also purchased two Cozy Nights candles from Target 
and I am so happy to have these again, 
I normally love them in fall/winter but this scent is comforting all year long

Got some goodies on my monthly makeup wishlist!

Speaking about the "Eyeshadow Index",
I have some palettes on my wishlist this month!

1st up is the Jeffery Star "Cremated" palette, 
I love gray eyeshadow and it is quite a hard color to find, 
this palette is beautiful!
{side note- I get the outrage over the name given the current situation,
 but I know how long product development and production works, 
the timing is unfortunate to say the least.}

I haven't been interested in an Urban Decay Naked Palette 
for some time now, although I do own the first 3....
but this UltraViolet palette is a BEAUT!
I especially love the "Lucid" shade!

from Ulta, looks so pretty!

I am also interested in trying this Rodial Beauty "Instaglam" highlighting powder
pricy at $57, as 👀 on @lipstick_and_late_nights 🔛 Instagram:

I also want to try these NYX "Epic Wear" colored eyeliners
I am still searching for my perfect red eyeliner, 
I like the one colored liners Colourpop but it is a little dry for my taste, 
maybe these NYX ones will be better...
{source: sponsored post from @ultabeauty 🔛 Instagram}

Speaking of liners, 
the glitter liner is just so fun!

Also want to try this e.l.f. CBD Body Cream!

 I love the color of these two "Color Splash Shade Shifting Lipsticks" from tarte:
{left: "scuba dive" | right: "yacht week"}

love the shine!

Guess I am still into lipstick even in the times of face masks in public...
I love these little lipstick charts that @slave2beauty posted 🔛 Instagram
they are so pretty and helpful! 

I am also interested in this "Puff Me" spray 
guess I will need to wait for my hair to grow!

I have been seeing these ImPRESS x Rebecca Minkoff nails everywhere, 
especially the "Le French Pop" set,
They are so pretty, I would love to try them!

Speaking of nails...
Lights Lacquer released their spring collection "Your Nails But Better"
a collection with a range of nudes!
top: 1 | 2
bottom: 3 | 4}

Such a pretty collection!

The two shades that I want to add to my collection are
"Mila" & "Emma":

I mean I have to get "Emma" right?!
I loved these little vision boards, descriptions and mood boards for each of the shades, 
I mean they even have their own Spotify playlists! 
Talk about immersive marketing, love this approach!

This was "Emma" from @lightslacquer's Instagram Story:

I can't believe @kathleenlights herself liked my comment!

 I also loved that the fan account @lightslacquerd 
put all the mood boards together in one post, 
talk about inspo!

Love them all together in a nude skittle mani, 

I have also been thankful for @lightslacquered posting these swatch comparisons 
from @brittanydreamsofpolish to compare these nudes 
with others from KL Polish:

Also liked the comparisons that @swatched_and_polished did:

 & I am so excited that @lightslacquer is also releasing 
a top and base next week!
Will definitely be getting these with my next Lights Lacquer order!

I can't wait for Lights Lacquer summer collection to launch!

This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated  
& all my humble opinions in between:
bath: equate makeup remover wipes- I get these from Walmart and they are my favorite makeup wipes | Up&Up "Cleansing Wipes"- I do not like these, not moist enough and have a horrible feel to them, do not recommend | Real Egging Pack- I bought this from Ipsy after using one from a glam bag, I love these moisturizing masks! I love the results and the way they smell! | Dove "Mango Butter" beauty bar- I love the way these smell, so nice for spring/summer! | Connoisseurs "Jewelry Cleaner"- I got this from Walmart when I was in COLLEGE! It works well but I need a new one, this one is gross | St. Ives "Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub"- this stuff is my favorite, need a new one ASAP | Acure "Cell Stimulating Facial Mask"- this one makes you look like a sea monster, I enjoyed it | Trader Joe's "Lavender Camomile Hand Soap"- Love this stuff in the kitchen! | Gillette "Venus Embrace"- I really need to change my razor heads more often because it feels so nice! I am thinking about trying a different brand like Billie or something | Dr. Teal's "Pure Epson Salt Glow & Radiance"- I love these bath salts! This one smells really fresh | Pink loofa- so happy I got a new one this one has been falling apart for months

beauty: Maybelline Age Rewind "Brightener"- this is my favorite under eye concealer I have ever used, love it | Yensa "Skin on Skin BC Foundation" in Light Neutral- I got this from Ipsy and already talked about how much I loved it, will be getting one for vacation! | e.l.f. "Jet Black" eyeliner- this is my everyday black eyeliner, so good for so cheap! | Essie "a cut above"- not sure what happened to this polish but is not suppose to be this color... nasty! | Stila "all over shimmer liquid luminizer" in  rose gold shimmer- I tired to use recently and it was not good, made my eyes water and was so hard to get out, good riddance! | Trader Joe's Rose Water Facial Toner- I love this stuff as the first step of my makeup routine, picked up a backup so I am ready to go! | Nivea "Body Lotion Essentially Enriched"- where to start with this... I HATE THIS SO MUCH. It left my body so oily and still had that weird squeaky feeling on my hands, could not wait to get through this, it is horrible. | NeoStrata "Problem Dry Skin Cream"- this is suppose to be for intensive dry areas only so I only used it on my feet, did not enjoy it, happy it is done | alterna "Caviar Anti-Aging CC Cream"- I bought this from Ipsy and my husband ended up falling in love with it so I had to get him a full size when this one was done, I love the way these products smell!

candles: all from Trader Joes- "Lemongrass", "Freshmint", "Lemon Cookie"
Loved the first two, "Lemon Cookie" was not my favorite 

You know I can't resist some beauty memes, 
especially in quarantine times...

I have been living by this post from @galadarling 🔛 Instagram:

This post from @bustle 🔛 Instagram is still true:

I have been dying over this YouTube video from Jamie French, 
I first saw it on a post from Jo Lockhart on Facebook

Definitely worth a watch from start to finish:

It reminded me a little of this Italian liner 
which also makes me die laughing:
{found on Facebook from @makeupbylandon

I did want to bring up an interesting post from @esteelaundry 🔛 Instagram 
about companies using masks to promote product, 
I think that it is an interesting marketing tactic and now part of our "new normal" 

Although I do use All Nighter every time I do my makeup 
and not sure that marketing campaign is accurate...
because this is my Alice & Olivia face mask after a day at work:

What are your thoughts on makeup during Covid times?

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