Monday, December 9, 2019

Just another mani (& manic) Monday… with Lights Lacquer!

I was SO EXCITED when I saw this post from @kathleenlights πŸ”› Instagram
you already know I loved KLPolish and was super sad when Kathleen Lights announced that she was no longer going to be a part of KLPolish & that the company was ultimately closing... 
(which apparently just closed)
see my blog post about them GOOB HERE!

I was praying that the quality of the Lights Lacquer was going to be up to standard 
and that the colors would be interesting and different,
I love these little B&W sneak peaks!

When the collection was finally out I was definitely intrigued!

 I immediately fell in love with the shades "11" & "Jefa":
The shade "11" looks like a version of my beloved "Carmello" from KLPolish 
(one of my all time favorite polishes)
I love this one too!

"Jefa" is a green/blue shade that is so pretty!

 Had to get both!

 I immediately put on "11" and I love it, 
the polish is as good (if not better) than KLPolish and pretty much my whole collection.
It lasts at least a week and that is with working with my hands everyday

I tried "Jefa" and also loved it, 
this mani also lasted thought a hard week at work,
I was very impressed!

 Now that I have tried and fallen in love with the formula, 
lots more shades going on the wishlist!
After this #nailfies pic on @lightslacquer πŸ”› Instagram
I am sold on the shade "Rosie"

Lights Lacquer also had a 20% off sale for Black Friday / Cyber Monday 
& released a limited edition polish called "Cold Turkey
I wish I had waited and got this one instead of "Jefa"
I hope it is still around when they release the Winter collection so I can add it to that order!
{they started sneak peaks of the winter collection on Instagram and I am so excited!}

This is especially true since it is a sprint to the end of the holiday season at work...
and Friday is our holiday party!

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