Friday, December 20, 2019

100% that thrift

If I took a DNA test, I would definitely be 100% that thrift... 
{source: sponsored post from @thredup 🔛 Instagram}

Loved this post from @savers_thrift 🔛 Instagram,
you can really find some awesome stuff!
Besides being the coolest person in the room 😎
thrifting has so many other benefits!

and it is both creepy and amazing!
Best $0.75/each spent!

I had to share two thrift finds that I am have fallen in love with:

#1- I love this vintage suitcase! 
It is not leopard but somehow it is still perfect, 
Santa, you don't have to get me a suitcase, the Goodwill gods provided one:

#2- these little fish are SO PERFECT in our Mexican bathroom!

They fit right in!

Raise your hand if you are also a thrift store addict

This whole outfit was thrifted! 
I am OBSESSED with this floral velvet Loft top!

What I Wore: glasses- Muse "Buyers" frames from, earrings + necklace- Julie Vos, top & jeans- Ann Taylor Loft {thrifted}, belt- JCrew, boots- Anthropologie secondhand via trimsoflace's closet on Poshmark

Another commuter livin' that boot life:


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