Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"Guess that solves what kind of teacher you are"

I have been having many discussions about which teacher
 I would be on the show "Teachers" on TV Land,
I was back and forth between the upper two on the right...

I was saying that I dress like Mary Louise Bennigan
Just her style, not her character per say,

character wise I think I am most like Ms. Feldman...

Well it has been confirmed that I do in fact dress like Mary Louise,
I screamed at the TV "I have that skirt, and now I have to break it out just in time for spring!"


What I Wore: glasses- c/o Coastal, lips- Clinque "Ginger Flower", earrings- Amy Lynn Butt Chin on Etsy, necklace- gift from hubby, sweater- hand me down, skirt- thrifted, flats- Kmart

& a new fresh spring mani!
Trust Fund in "Elegantly Wasted" from Ipsy, this is a great color!
One of my favorites!

Speaking of spring colors,
I was so impressed/happy with how these DNA models came out in lab this week!

This one shows the semi-conservative DNA replication process
with two DNA molecules being made from the original template

Ready for spring break!

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