Friday, March 4, 2016

Grandmaster of Mixing Patterns

Did you listen to my Going to Hell Podcast?!
{my interview starts around 30 mins in!}
The host Brandi called me the "grandmaster of mixing patterns"
Probably the best description of my style, ever.

When I listened to the episode before work, I realized that this was the outfit I was already wearing.
I think maybe this outfit went a little overboard with the mixing...
Oh, well...

What I Wore: glasses- BonLook, lips- Loreal "Ruby Opera", necklace- ?,  top & cardigan- thrifted, pants- Joe Fresh via JCPenney, flats- Kohls

I sometimes don't have a choice but to mix patterns,
I mean look at my closet...

When I reorganized my closet,
I realized just how many stripes I have...

I can't help it,
I am a pattern addict.

Happy Friday!

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{you should listen to it!- starts around 30 mins in}
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