Saturday, March 19, 2016

HUGE CLOSET CLEAN OUT: How I did it, what I got rid of, etc. etc. etc.

Let me start by saying that I have not done a thorough closet clean out since... maybe middle school. 
That means I have things I have been holding on through high school, 
throughout college (moving in and out of dorm rooms and my sorority house),
moving home after school, 
moving out with Charlie into our apartment, 
moving into our current house. 

That is 10+ years and a whole lotta moving these clothing items from place to place without taking the time to see what I actually like, and what actually fits

So before I got my new job, I decided to take some unemployed time to tackle this monster 
that has become my closet. 

So how I did it: 

Step 1: Take a look at the whole closet, the first step is admitting you have a problem
and that you need to fix it.

Step 2: Take it one section at a time.
How I broke my closet down, also the order of my closet:
~ Sequins (clearly has its own section in my closet)
~ Tank tops
~ Short sleeve tops
~ 3/4 sleeves
~ Long sleeves (flannel and plaid have a sub section in this part)
~ Sweatshirt type tops
~ Sweaters (thin knits, chunky sweaters are folded, of course)
~ Cardigans
~ Denim tops / jackets
~ Dresses
~ Long midi skirts
~ Skirts
~ Pants
~ Vests

In a separate closet {behind this long rack}: Blazers

I pull them out section by section, and lay them all out.
So what that looks like:

You will be sore by the end of this process, I was hurting!
I tried on each top with a neutral bottom (jeans) section by section.
Tips: Make sure you do this on a day where you feel good about yourself.
Shower, get ready, put on makeup, do your hair-- whatever you do to make yourself feel great.
Do not to this on a "that time of the month day",
you and I both know that nothing fits right during this glorious time.

Step 4: Be Realistic!
I know this is hard but will those kiss print jeans fit you this year?
Do you need them anymore? Is it your style anymore? Is it the style you are moving towards?
Especially at this time in my life- I feel like I am transitioning into a different more specific style.
Will those pants fit you in the next 3 years while you are living the same lifestyle?

I mean, how long have you had that t-shirt? Since high school? Do you still wear it? Does it still make you excited, not just nostalgic?
I get that clothes are semimetal, trust me, I do.
But not everything deserves a spot in your closet.
If something is truly sentimental, but you are not actively wearing them, put them somewhere else.
My examples: the dress I wore to my engagement party, my hubby's high school sweatshirt

Also- Be careful of duplicates!
Get rid of things that are very similar, select the items that fit best and are higher quality.
My hardest section for this- denim tops and plaids.

Step 5: Put outfits together!
This is the most fun part (in my humble opinion).
What is newly inspiring since you just went through everything you own?
What goes together that you have never though about before?
Place those items in a place together in a "To Wear" section.
I label these outfits for the days I want to wear them too,
 using clothes pins that I got at Anthropologie.
May be overkill but at 5 am, it is hard to find the inspiration
and it is much easier to take an outfit a more creative/less sleep deprived Emma made.

My "To Wear" section is separated out and so convenient:

Step 6: Check out other places where you hide stuff.
For me, this includes my "tree" that my Zia gave me, I love it for bags and hats and scarfs,
but it also needed to be re-visited and cleaned out.

My Results:
I got rid of 50-100 pieces of clothing!
I am so proud!
All great items that are just not representative of my style anymore,
or that I have a ton of way too similar items.

Great patterns, coming your way on Etsy (for only vintage) or Poshmark (for both vintage & modern)
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Tons of new items to sell "InTheLeopardCloset"
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So happy I have opportunities to re-home items that I love!

How do you go about cleaning out your closet?
Any tips/tricks?
Please share!

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