Wednesday, April 1, 2015

This One Time At Blog CAMP: TxSc Day 3, the end =( & Exploring Austin!

Last day at CAMP!
I loved the addition of the ruffle curtains in the showers, 
and the shampoo & conditioner provided by VERB did wonders for my frizzy rain hair...

My bunkbed at camp said "E is for extraordinary",

Bittersweet leaving the cabin on Day 3, 
& finally some sunshine! 

A beautiful brunch with Sophia Rivka Rossi from Hello Giggles!
& we all got a copy of her new book "A tale of two besties" that is not going to be out until May!

We got our last badges and I was proud of all the badges I collected!

& we got to get our books signed! 

So excited, as seen by these two pictures from Chelsea Laine Francis!

I was so excited that when we did CAMP awards, Hilary from Cutie Cameras
won the ModCloth name that dress contest! 
well deserved & I was so happy for her! 

What I Wore: glasses- BonLook, lips- L.A. Girl "Sexy" lipstick, necklace- BaubleBar, top & flats- JCrew, pants- Target

One of the last and the most empowering activities was the "Tunnel of Sisterhood"
where each women walks through the tunnel and each person whispers something nice
 to replace the negative pattern of speech that women tend to have playing in their minds...

My favorite was "Fashion Forward" 
Photo credit: Miranda Anderson

I was excited to be able to take home this adorable pillow! 
I knew just the place for it when I got home, perfect on the couch in my attic closet!

A girl scout's honor as we left CAMP,

It was a lot cheaper for me to fly out on Monday so I made a deal with myself to explore Austin while I had the opportunity and make the most out of my trip! 
I was so thankful that Vana from She Designs Her Days invited me to stay with her Sunday night! 
So much more comfortable/less stressful/amazing bonding experience!
So I went to explore, and do a little shopping on South Congress Street in Austin!

I loved the Tex/Mex that was all around! 
& got to add some crosses to my collection!

Some great vintage, but kinda pricy...

I was unexpectedly thrilled to find Uncommon Objects that one of my favorite YouTubers grav3yardgirl talks about! 

I would have loved to bring this sign back to Jersey...

So much random, cool stuff!

I was also told that if I only had a little time in Austin that I had to stop by the store Parts and Labour
for authentic Texas items,
I fell in love with this top from "Material" which is made out of vintage fabric
 reconstructed and made modern! 
I actually had to run back to this store after dinner to pick it up because I couldn't get it off my mind!

Speaking of dinner, I ate at Wahoos on South Congress in Austin

Amazing shrimp tacos, had normal tacos & lettuce ones- both amazing!
Guac and salsa was also delicious! 

I loved all the street shopping!

& had an amazing lemonade from Austin City Lemons,
how can you say no to lemonade from a lemon?!
You can't.

After our awesome TOMS experience during Day 2,
I was excited to see the Austin TOMS store!

Sent this to my hubby...

Touring Austin was made official when I found the infamous "i love you so much" wall!

<obligatory picture in front of it>
When I got into the city, one of the first people I walked by said, "You've got energy"
It might be more accurate to say, "You've got bright floral pants"...
but thanks?

I had an incredible ice cream at Big Top Candy Shop!
Loved the old school candy and brought home some candy cigarettes =)

It was time to finally catch some sleep in Texas,
tomorrow is the last day of my recap, 
its been nice to relive this trip!
A great experience!

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