Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Shopping: A boutique out of your home?!

I was so excited to check out the Sweet Repeats Spring Event,
this was incredible & inspiring! 
Running a boutique from your house?!
Such a cool idea!
& we went on the 50% off day! 

I picked up these amazing faucet earrings for my sister for $1.50
& this striped top with a woven gold collar for $7
Also got a pair of koi fish earrings too!
All for $10!

Other Sunday Shopping Recaps:

I fell in love with this JCrew necklace from TaylorLawren on PoshMark
It is different and I love it!

I also can't say no to lipstick print...
This sweater from FancyInFreckles on instagram is too cute!

I also stopped my Michaels to see some options for shelving,
they have such cute decor stuff these days!

Knowing that short season is coming and they were all hung at the end of my long rack in the attic,
it was too hard to see and find anything I was looking for.
I was happy with the way that these two crates work as shelves!
So much cleaner, more organized, and easier to find!

Love how it came out!
I love making the attic closet look like a little boutique!

Any organizational tips?
I find that it is trial and error for displaying things
so that you don't get the "out of sight out of mind" mentality

What have you been shopping for lately?

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