Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Shopping with my sisters!

I am going to warn you now, 
I went home to visit my family, went shopping with my sisters, and we got a free selfie stick. 
There will be TONS of selfies, I apologize in advance...

We went to the Jersey Shore Outlets!
I mainly browsed, but did feast my eyes on lots of cute stuff & took home a few items!

Like these camera bags from Kate Spade:

The timing was perfect when I finally saw this message!

Great success! & for $12!
{wearing this soon on the blog!}

The Talbots outlet store had lots of cute stuff!
I loved this bug blouse!

Continued to have glasses on my mind {like usual}
 & loved this phone case from Claire's

We also went to the PacSun outlet & they had a sale that was "Buy one, get three free!"
My sister wanted a Roxy cardigan & I got to get this Brandy Melville sweater for free!
{wearing this soon on the blog!}

This was the first time I went to the store Francesca's!
I loved the outlet!

I bought this necklace {$6} & earrings {$3} & I love them!!

Stopped by Charlotte Russe, which is not usually my cup of tea
{unless it is a hand-me-down from my sister, like the leopard sweater in this outfit post}
but I liked these d'orsay flats & this lace cardigan with the ribbon detail

I loved these Michael Kors bags,
especially the camo!

Then we went to American Eagle,
& my sister got a free selfie stick with her purchase!

I am clearly excited

& now tons of selfies...

We took a million selfies while waiting for it to be midnight
to celebrate my sister Audrey's 21st birthday!
 with my Nonno

with my Nonna

What I Wore: glasses- Jean Lafont, lips- Rimmel Show Off Matte "Atomic Rose", necklace- Local Store, sweater- Charlotte Russe {hand-me-down from my sister Silvia}, pants- second hand from mom, or skirt from selfies- Kohls, flats- Target

After we went out for my sister's birthday,
& totally forgot to take the selfie stick with us,
we got this gem in a text...

My family is the best.
Our random dance parties are amazing
& I am happy that the selfie stick could capture one in action

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