Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Shopping & Weekend Fun!

I have been eyeing this piece of furniture,
I love the look of it and thought it would be perfect in the attic! 

Love it for my loafers!

 Perfect timing since these babies just arrived from Old Navy!
Love them!

& these floral ones UrbanOG!

As a Valentine's Day present we picked out this beautiful piece of furniture from HomeGoods
for our living room to house the electronics!

It is perfect! 
We've been on the hunt for months!

This Michael Kors dress is to pretty from Southern Sun Vintage on Instagram,
will so cute with a belt and boots!

It arrived in the cutest packaging! 

Speaking of dresses, 
I redeemed this beauty from Motel with Chictopia points!
This weekend was too much fun!
Started out with kitty cuddles,

He is such a good looking kitty!
Posing with his Christmas present from Aunt Bianca! {via TheElegantWall on etsy}

I even went out in the snow to go to the gym!!
I was proud of myself

I have always listened to Glamorous by Fergie when I run at the gym, 
something about that song!
We went to Rider University to attend a "Paint & Sip" alumni event with Paint Tyme,
I was so nervous about it because I haven't painted anything since like kindergarten...

Here is our progress!
First pictures are Charlie's, second is my painting:


SO much fun! 
I gotta say I am impressed by the outcome!
The event turned into a lot more sipping than painting 
when we went to the old stomping grounds of the pub!

Today we went to the annual New Jersey Mycological Association mushroom cookery meeting!
It was a cooking class with full servings of the menu and an auction of mushroom themed items!

The cooking class was run by Chef Luke from Jamie Hollander catering,
it was informative and delicious!

1st dish was a Shiitake/Hen of the Woods-Noodle Salad with Nuoc Cham and Herbs

2nd item on the menu was Bahn Mi Sandwiches with Red Curry Roasted Portobellos 
with a Black Trumpet Pate with Sage and Marsala and Pickled Vegetables 

The 3rd and final menu item was Green Tea and Candy Cap Ice Cream 
{DELICIOUS- The Bent Spoon needs an ice cream like this!}
It was served with Candied Snow Fungus and Gingerbread Cookies

I fell in love with this little mushroom house that holds a candle during the Auction! 
For $5, we took it home!

So cute on our mantel! 
What a great weekend! 
Already looking forward to the next one...
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