Sunday, December 7, 2014

Brief Sunday Shopping

If you saw my Saturday Shopping Cart- my Christmas Wish list? post then it will make sense why this is a very small Sunday Shopping post / actually weeks old at this point...

I originally passed up on both items made by Proenza Schouler from the Holiday 24 collection from Target + Neiman Marcus collection but for a few months it has been stuck in my mind, 

I looked it up on ebay and ended up scoring it for $10!
Happy to have it!

Also fell for these tuxedo pants from JCrew scored from beulloascloset on instagram
They will be great for work!
I also ran by the goodwill, and found this cross that I had to add to my collection {top one}, 
I have been looking for one just like this and for $1.50 I was so happy to find it!

Well that is all folks =)
Focusing on wearing what I own & trying to save/pay things off! 
& really trying to not purchase this Hello Kitty Pop-Up Party Eyeshadow Palette
Its only $26 now! 
I wanted it when it came out but couldn't swallow the price tag,
 the reviews are awesome and it is 50% off now!
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