Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I am thankful for....

Lots of stuff: 
of course my family, friends, my fur babies, having a job, having a place to live
but I am also thankful for blogging.
Blogging is truly my creative outlet, 
I have grown through this blogging experience 
and have tried so many new things as a result of this platform.
One such experience has been reviewing products through Influenster,
Here is a little review of all the cool opportunities from Influenster
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#1: in my humble beauty opinion
#2: Sunday Showers & Shopping
#3: humble beauty opinion #4
#4: Humble Beauty #9- Back to School Basics & New Products
#5: beauty boxes lately or not so lately

My favorite products I've ever gotten from Influenster
 the lipstick from NYC in "Forever Fuchsia"
everything from the Victoria's Secret box
& Pure Leaf ice tea!

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