Saturday, June 7, 2014

weekend wear: party at the brew shop!

I love weekend adventures!
They usually begin with a cuddling pug...

When my sister is around, we get to go to Nassau Sushi in Princeton and indulge in some INCREDIBLE spicy tuna =)

We also went to the Vault in Yardley, PA for some brews & snacks 

For the deck party we got to try the Cheese Fondue, Scallop Ceviche, and Naughty Pilgrim Oysters,
so good! 

Then we ventured to Princeton HomeBrew for a party! 
My hubby works there on the weekends!

 They were having live music by Tie Dye Hippies 

loved the banjo!

Another artist who played was Sarah Donner,
I fell in love with her songs!
They are witty & she has an awesome voice!

Picked up a couple of her albums,

My favorite song is "Heartbreaker" & more recently "Fossil Of Girl"
Check her out on iTunes!

So much fun!

What I Wore: glasses- Kensie, lips- Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm "Standout", earrings- hand me down from mom, top- thrifted, pants- Target, flats & my sister's bow flats above- Sam & Libby for Target 

aftermath of such a weekend...

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