Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Shopping!

Here is what I have actually been buying!

You have already been introduced to my "Love Me" flats {$12} from a recent trip to Forever 21, 
but I fell in love with this rose sweater from the sale section {$19}!
Will be perfect for the rest of February when I will be unable to stop dressing for Valentine's...

These nautical themed sweaters from Old Navy are amazing!
I have also been looking for a blue check print button up & I found this one in the men's section!

This bicycle print from Old Navy was too perfect to pass up

There were also a few items on instagram shops that I had to add to my wardrobe,
this headphone sweater & necklace with elephant detail from "mischiamuse" on instagram

I also could not say no to this amazing vintage pearl floral ring from "pinkhearthenney" on instagram

These earrings are just too cute! {from thejollythrifter on instagram}

Did a little bit of thrifting the other day,
If anyone needs 80s cropped green blazers- my GoodWill has you covered for St. Patricks Day!
& that red piece with painted fruit is just too cute!

I did pick up this amazing Ralph Lauren corn print button up,
I literally said "OMG, is this corn on the cob?!"

So many cute items!
Trying to keep to my budget, but can't help myself sometimes!
Welcome to my closet!

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Jannatul Rahamoni said...

Love that anchor signed tshirt/sweater