Wednesday, February 26, 2014

about the glasses life

This is one of those "all out" kinda themes...
of course it is centered around glasses because they pretty much define my personal style...

What I Wore: glasses- BonLook, blouse {under}- Forever 21, sweater- Urban Outfitters, pants- Joe Fresh from JcPenney, necklace- Alicia Lynn Jewelry, earrings- Forever 21, loafers- Rebecca Minkoff  

So as some of you may know, 
I got contacts this summer to try them out as a deal with my mom for the wedding,
Turns out I am not a contacts kinda gal. 

For a few reasons:
1. Have to make sure my eye makeup looks nicer than it usually does.
2. Have to make sure my eyebrows are nice and plucked.
3. They freeze in the air conditioner and cold air.

I am just not very good at them,
but I do enjoy my new contact case,
in the form of glasses of course.
{ordered on Amazon}

I will try to wear contacts more in the summer,
only to be able to wear more of my sunglass collection!

All about that glasses life.

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Samara said...

Lady friend, I saw these today on Modcloth and immediately thought of you:

Jannatul Rahamoni said...

what a fun lens case!!!!