Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Road trip to NY & A look inside my closet!

So the other day I posted some items in case you wanted to shop my closet!
Today I offer you a look inside said closet!

But first an outfit post from an item that I recently purchased via an instagram shop my closet from 
Couldn't say no to this beautiful Everly chevron top!

I call this look "the running man, flamingo" 
What I Wore: glasses- Rivet & Sway, necklace- baublebar, top- Everly {via She Dabbles Instagram shop my closet}, shorts- Abercrombie & Fitch, flats- Target

I wore this outfit on a road trip to upstate NY to see my Nonna & work on the flowers for the wedding!
Road trips call for a fantastic catch all bag- this map bag was a great score from Tea & Tulips,
I have always wanted one and this one is perfect!

Had to get some Jamba Juice along the way!

Hey Nonna!

Making that homemade pasta!

pretty flowers in the backyard!

Meanwhile, back in NJ...
I am so proud and excited about how the closet has come together so far. It has been a life long dream to have a dressing room/walk in closet & it is a dream come true!

But first,
a look at the fiancé's closet:
Yes, that is all.

Now on to my walk up attic closet!

The attic had a really ugly green carpet {if you remember correctly}
well we ripped that up,

We got the floors refinished,

& I started prepping the closet for a little face lift,

& ta-da!
Chalkboard walls!

I also painted the brown table that the previous owners left to a metallic silver,

Added this beautiful rug that was in my old dining room & that Maggie decided to make her chew toy

I want the whole attic to have a black, white, metallic, vintage feel & I think I am well on my way!
I do my makeup & paint my nails here!

Love this mirror that my grandma gave me!
It is absolutly perfect!

I am hoping that eventually we will be able to put this amazing sowing machine from my grandma in the attic as the desk area
If it doesn't fit, it will go in a guest room, it sows dogs!

Next to the desk I have this amazing dresser that the old owners of our house left here,

I also picked up this shelf from Home Depot for my bags,
I wanted a shelf that I could use on the shorter parts of the wall since the attic has a tilted ceiling
For $20 I was able to use this one shelving unit as two separate shelves!

I LOVE mail bins,
they are the perfect industrial organizers!
{but sushhhhh not exactly legal... but I did find them on the side of the road!}

I also use this skinny mail bin as my laundry basket & to transport things up and down stairs:

I have been on the lookout for the perfect way to display all of my shoes,
I have an issue with out of site out of mind, so my goal was to be able to organize and see them

I found the green locker at a flea market for $20,
The wood shelves were a score at the GoodWill for $9,
& the metal shelves were from Lowes for $19

My fancy flats are all on display!

This silver shelf was the latest addition to the closet, 
it is the perfect size and now all my shoes are on display! 
Obviously I love my flats!

& this metallic shelf that I found by a dumpster at our old apartment
now holds my boots!

I also started to organize my clothing,
this is what I was working with
Can you tell I love patterns?!

The pug kept rolling in my clothing, I kept finding him in the bins!

I started to hang things in the actual closet, 
Eventually there will be a long pipe down one wall that will hold all of my hung clothes!
I haven't had a closet to hang things in for years!

I love that the inside of the closet is unfinished! 
but now I have the hanging bins in the closet with my t-shirts & other personal items
& my bangle holder:

Well now my mannequin wears one of my all time favorite dresses from my bachelorette party!

I painted the back of the closet door silver, it had some scary clown face painted on it
love this drawing, got it for $1 at a yard sale, had to clean it up a bit, but it is good as new!  

I have been looking for the perfect mirror to lean on the floor,
eventually I would like to take my outfit pictures in the mirror
Found this beauty at Home Goods!

Love this hallway tree that my aunt gave me!

My favorite part of my closet has to be the amazing floral vintage couch!
I am so happy that it fits in the closet!
These gold chests were also thrifted from the GoodWill

Recently I thrifted this cake tray for $2!
I was thinking about making one after seeing The Fashion Citizen's YouTube video,
but this is perfect for jewelry storage
It's about the little details!

I am excited to continue to organize and decorate my dream closet!


Tara said...

Your closet is coming along nicely :) I love your chevron top!

emmabasilone said...

Thank you! I am loving it!

Nicole DeMicco said...

I am obsessed with your closet!! When I move into my own place I am hiring you to help decorate!!