Sunday, April 21, 2013

got $30 in my pocket... cause I can never stay on a budget...

It all started when I went to my house to clean out the treasures that the previous owners left: 
 This is going to be my walk in closet! 
& yes that furniture with the children on it is staying... just the way it is (minus the doll house top...)
it is too weird to change!

& I found these amazing tops:
Yes, you will  be washed and then put back in my closet, cause I am keepin' you.
already shoppin' in my own closet

I also had some toys to donate...
 So I went thrifting yesterday. 
I ended up getting all this + a pair of Limited grey pants for work!
for $30!
I LOVE thrifting!

I went thrifting in one of my favorite thrifted tops!
Raccoon print?
yes please!
Anthropologie clothing for $2,
YES please! 

What I Wore: glasses- Rivet & Sway Punchlines {take $25 until May with code EMMASWAYS}, jacket- RDstyle, top- Rebekah Maysles for Anthropologie, jeans- Seven, loafers- Target

We played in the park after my little shopping spree...

then we went home to rest,
The pug will use anything as a chin rest...
it is adorable!

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