Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: rings!

On Monday me and the fiancé took a little trip into NYC to pick up our wedding rings! 
I have had so much trouble finding one I love, I have been looking for 3+ years! 
Luckily my cousin works for a jewelry line in NYC and helped me find/make me the ring of my dreams!

I think the biggest problem was the fact that I LOVE my engagement ring. 
I am seriously obsessed with it. 
So to find it a partner to wear with it forever was such a challenge. 

But my god did my cousin come through!
It is like she read my mind,
It is perfect!  

Yes, I decided to mix metals,
& yes it was very very veryyyyy hard to take it off once it went on!
It is seriously perfect and I couldn't be more happy/excited to wear it permanently in 16 days!

To pick it up we took the train into Penn Station in NYC and walked to the Javits Center,

My cousin was showing the Maya J line at the ENK show,
and we got passes to walk around and see what are the new trends for the upcoming season!

It was such an interesting behind the scenes look into fashion buying at wholesale prices,
Of course I fell in love with a few {who am I kidding, lots} of pieces,

Of course I needed to check out the eye wear at scojo!
Fell in love with these and these glasses!

What I Wore: glasses- Jean LaFont, top/dress- Romwe, skirt- Jennifer Lopez via Khols {free with Khols cash!}, shoes- Prabal Gurung for Target, bag- Michael Kors

We walked around NYC and I got to walk on the highline! 
That has been on my to-do list for a while, it is so pretty, such a different view of the city!

So pretty!

We got off the skyline and walked down 23rd,

& we passed this window display!
If you recall from my trip to Mexico last year, I have an obsession with skulls!
I have all three of the regular size tequila head skulls, I never knew they came in mini form!
{obviously I had to get them.... hey, we were out of tequila anyway = justified!}

Hello baby skulls!

we had amazing mint watermelon lemonade at Big Booty Bakery

& to my surprise we passed Rickshaw Dumplings!
This is the brick and mortar shop of the truck in Times Square that I visited after my bachelorette weekend!
The fiancé was so jealous when I went a few weekends ago, it was perfect that we walked right by the store and got to try different kinds of dumplings!

Had rooftop drinks at the Birreria in Eatly,
one of the best cocktails I have ever had!

& of course we had to get a pizza at Eatly!

Miss you already NYC =)
The next time I see you I will be a married lady! 


Tara said...

Your ring is so that you mixed means your rings will go with whatever jewelry you have on that day :) Also loving your adorable top!

Rachel said...

I LOVE the mixed metal look. It is so very pretty and unique!