Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Winter Wishlist 2023 & What I'm Watching!

I've caught up on a lot of shows that I have had on my list to watch.

This was pretty much what I was expecting from a movie like this.
I enjoyed the outfits more than the whole plot but there is a little twist in there.
Overall I enjoyed it, good background movie.

I was really interested in this concept, 
especially after a good critical review on the podcast on Fresh Air.
Love Natasha Lyonne, it is getting a little repetitive 
but I am still enjoying the murder mystery twisty plots.

This was a WILD ride, graphic, thought provoking and so well shot.
I really enjoyed this- but buckle up.
One of the best movies I've seen in a while.

Exactly what you would expect for a movie about teen royals with super powers {spoiler alert?},
a little plot twist in there as well, beautiful setting for the movie too

Talk about a WILD ride, I am still not exactly sure what the f was going on in this movie, 
it is crazy, almost scifi, has a little bit of everything.

Uhh still not exactly sure what happened in this movie.
Wanted to like it but it was just okay. 
Had such potential

it is giving me the same feelings like the Walking Dead did when it started (+ was actually good),
I am so excited for every episode and it is so well written, shot and I'm loving it.

This made me laugh:

I enjoyed this more than I thought I would.
Loved the cameos and I though it was as well done as it could have been.
Charlie asked me if it was necessary and probs not but it does take it to a new generation.
I liked it!

This is in Spanish so we watched it with subtitles, not dubbed (I can't stand dubbed shows),
this was a little slow at first but WOW does it build and get crazy. 
Lots of twists and I enjoyed it.

I liked Season 2 more than I thought I would, 
Subtle and not so subtle family drama, I do enjoy this

I think Season 4 is where this journey ends for me with You, I am just not interested anymore. 
I don't find Joe compelling anymore and I am just kinda over it.
I gave up

What are you watching these days?!
Send me some recs!


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