Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Silver Bells πŸ””πŸ”” (but you know... silver)

When I wore a similar outfit in 2020, 
I named the blog post ""if the shoe fits walk in it"
from the T-Swift song "long story short"
& one of our friends commented:

Took two years but I am a woman of my word
so here is "Silver Bells"

What I Wore: glasses- Gucci via @mr.0ptix πŸ”› Instagram, hair clip- gift from my MIL, earrings- Clairs, necklace- gift from my hubby, sweater- vintage, pants- Old Navy, boots- Modern Vice {via Poshmark}, bag- Dooney & Bourke {gift from my sister Bianca}

Pro tip: when your mani grows out 
& you have no time/energy/funds to get your nails done, 
fill them in with some glitter: 

Said goodbye to this festive little skeleton man 
and started our holiday adventures to go see family

Barry riding shotty, the best copilot 

Meanwhile I am squeezed between these two...

Time for pjs and hanging with Nonno

& Zia Silvia


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