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Humble Beauty Opinion #107 + #108 :: October & November 2022

Better late than never(?)--- October & November Humble Beauty Opinions! 
My monthly subscriptions, purchases, reviews, wishlists & empties!

As per usual lets start with my monthly subscription to Ipsy!
What a good one! I love the spider web bag and picked the eyeshadow palette!

& November
This one is just okay- excited about the candle but it is tiny and not exactly a cozy scent for this time of year but will be nice for spring.
I do like the Kinship "Supermello Hydrating Gel Cream", 
has a slight sweet smell to it and I like the way it makes my skin feel.

Other purchases that I have been loving:
This pumpkin spice body butter from Lidl is like wearing a fall candle (in the best way)

These fall candles from Lidl are also all so good!

Got lots goodies on my monthly makeup wishlists!
I used to love the too faced Chocolate Bar pallets 
& this "Pumpkin Spice Second Slice" one is full of lots of pretty warm tones!

Also thinking about getting this "miser" shade from Colourpop:

after seeing it in a sponsored post from @lauragellerbeauty πŸ”› Instagram

Also interested in this set of three products from @genseebeauty 
(another targeted Instagram ad 😬)
If you can't tell I am interested in pairing down and/or lightening my makeup routine
TBD if I actually do...
This OFRA "Green Screen" lip stick is such a fun idea!
Probs wouldn't wear it but I love this concept!

Also would like to try these three products 

I was very intrigued by this hooded eye cat eye tutorial shared by @ipsy πŸ”› Instagram
not going to lie I attempted it but it did not go well... I will have to give it another shot

I am still thinking about this sparkly web mani as seen on @pop_polished πŸ”› Instagram

Also obsessed with this webbed eyeliner look!

Also love this Halloween mani as seen on @flashesofstyle πŸ”› Instagram:
Can't we go back to Halloween for a while???
How is Christmas next week?!

Hard to keep up with Lights Lacquer these days, 
some pretty colors in their zodiac collection as seen on @lightslacquer Instagram Story:

& the "Cocktail Hour" collection is so pretty too!

Also interested in getting some nail tools from Lights Lacquer to step up my mani game:

I think I might pick up some of this Murad "Deep Relief Acne Treatment" 
for when my cystic acne rears its ugly head during that lovely time of the month.
After a pretty convincing review from lalaluvbeauty on Tik Tok:

Also interested in trying this Drmtlgy SPF 46 + Foundation
also along the lines of changing my makeup routine,

that my sister Bianca got for my birthday, 
but I am intrigued by this "Electric Sky" perfume from Tory Burch 
I haven't even gotten my hands on the first one yet!
I wish these came out in a travel size but with the same packaging because it is so cool!

Would love to add this to my collection!

This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated  
& all my humble opinions in between:
beauty: Maybelline "160 Brightener"- I LOVE this, will repurchase every time and get a back up, helps brighten under eyes | Glow Organics "Energize Body Lotion"- I think I got this in a bump box? It was a decent lotion but didn't leave me too hydrated for a long period of time like a body butter does | Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula "Tummy Butter Stretch Marks"- this is too thick for my liking, hard to melt into the skin, prefer the lotion version but not sure it does anything regardless | Tubby Todd All Over Ointment- this is a baby empty, used this for Little Charlie's dry skin and I like it, wish there was more product for the price though | Sebastian Shaper Plus + extra hold hairspray- I had this in my work makeup bag- not a favorite but does a decent job | Trader Joe's Rose Water Facial Toner- I love this stuff and my hubby repuraseed for me, refreshing on the face | Earth Pure Organics "Willowbark Facial Tonic"- I got this from my facial at a salon and I really enjoyed it but according to the price on the bottom it was a little too pricy... | Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in "70 Hot Tamale"- I liked this for a little while but now it is just old. I am just not a cream blush gal, I keep trying but so far not my go to formula

bath: Dove "Sensitive Skin"- this has been a go to for years now, a great basic! | Revlon "34 Deep Burgundy" x2- this is and has been my go to (you already know) | Schick Quattro replacement razor- still loving this do wish the googey part lasted longer | Origins "Flower Fusion" face mask in Rose- very rose scented but enjoyable! | que belle bath & beauty "relaxing lavender mud mask"- I LOVED this (more on this below because it deserves it's own shout out!) | one + other Jumbo Cotton Balls- is anyone else having a hard time finding cotton balls in store? I only like to use the jumbo size to remove my makeup otherwise I am using multiples | Mighty Patch "The Original"- I liked these, I do with they were a little stickier but they do work IMO | Laneige "Water Sleeping Mask"- I enjoyed this but nothing too special | Polaar "Nuit Polaire" cream- this is too scented and I feel like that cannot be good for your skin | Trader Joes "French Liquid Soap"- I love this hand soap and use it for cleaning my makeup brushes, smells expensive and it is a fave! | Grace & Stella "foaming face wash"- I liked this but I feel like it did not last very long and wasn't worth repurchasing it (I also have SO many face washes to try!)

Like mentioned above, I loved this que bella face mask
I use a lot of face masks and was surprised by how my face felt after this one.
No idea where I got it from (bump box? new mom gift?) but loved it!

candles: Essential Elements "Lavender + Cedarwood" from Lidl- I enjoyed this, a nice fresh scent | Dia de los Muertos- this was a gift from my sister Bianca last year and I am sad it is done, such a cute jar and the scent was so good too! | Candle-Lite "Black Widow"- another good one from Lidl, love the jar design too! | Trader Joe's "Nutmeg"- I love these little candles but they are only good for like one day but they do smell nice! Hit or miss on the scent carry though


Also shout out to this total nail GLOW UP:

So proud that I was finally able to kick my nail biting habit!

This is me regardless of the month:

Happy HBO!
Even if it is a couple months late and almost time for a December one...

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