Saturday, September 3, 2022

Humble Beauty Opinion #105 :: August 2022

Last Saturday of the month {well know 1st- you know how it is going these days...}
 = my August Humble Beauty Opinion! 
My monthly subscriptions, purchases, reviews, wishlists & empties!

As per usual lets start with my monthly subscription to Ipsy!
Honestly the only product I have tried so far is the Goldfaden MD Detox Hydrating Gel 
and I like it but I think it does ball up under my foundation 
so for days I am not wearing make up I wear this

I also added on this Glow on 5th Plush Skincare Headband 
& I really am enjoying this for washing my face and doing my makeup

I have elected to prepay for a year of Ipsy. 
I have been contemplating it for a while now and with the rising prices 
it makes more financial sense to do it this way. 
+ a bonus product in September!

The only other purchase I made this month is the "Cotton Candy" duo from Lights Lacquer
 that I purchased while writing my June & July HBO blog post:

I've worn both already & they are pretty 
but they chip a lot faster than my other Lights Lacquer polishes, 
I thought it was just me but other people have similar reviews 
which is disappointing.
Wearing "We Go Together👇🏼

My mother in law gifted me some beauty goodies this month!

Starting with some Estée Lauder skin care:

& this incredible Clinique advent calendar:

Up close of all my new goodies!

Can't wait to try all these products!

Got some goodies on my monthly makeup wishlist!

Speaking of Lights Lacquer, they released "Lacquer, Lips and Tips
bringing back three loved shades with matching lip gloss and press on nails! 
I am very tempted to get all three sets...

I am going to be in the market for a new toner soon and I am thinking about trying this one:

This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated  
& all my humble opinions in between:
bath: reusable cotton pads- I got these in an Ipsy and was hopeful that they would replace my use of cotton balls but they didn't hold product well or rinse clean, I tried to use them as shields for leaking breast milk but that didn't work so bye bye | one + other Jumbo Cotton Balls- these are the perfect size for toner and eye makeup remover | Revlon "34 Deep Burgundy"- this is my go to! | CVS Prenatal Gummies- love these, yes I know they are sugary but they are like a snack in the morning 🤷🏻‍♀️ | Strawberry Basil Scented Candle from Trader Joe's- I liked this but this scent was a little too artificial smelling for me | Watermelon Mint Scented Candle from Trader Joe's- this was just okay, they need to bring back the Peony one that one was AMAZING! | Summer's Eve Fragrance Free Cleaning Cloths- these dried up while I was recovering from birth... | Clinique "fresh pressed renewing powder cleanser- this one seemed empty when I went to use it? What little product there was became like airborne and I'm pretty sure I breathed it in | Dove "Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Cream"- this is a go to | Estée Lauder "Advanced Night Repair"- I liked this as a nice night treatment during maternity leave | Amino Bubble PH Cleanser from Looks & Mei- I enjoyed this but I feel like it didn't last very long 

beauty: Clinique "iD" dramatically different moisturizing lotion + emulsion & active cartridge concentrate- I really enjoyed these and they lasted forever, luckily I have another to use! | Lancome Bienfait UV 50+ sunscreen- this lasted for years (prob too long) but it is a good sunscreen | Trader Joe's enrich face lotion- this was a good basic lotion! | Fluid "elsewhere"- I got this from Ipsy and loved it, thinking about getting a new one!

This Tik Tok "what your cleanser says about you pt. 2" from newmanparkerr 
made me laugh out loud:

Especially the part about St. Ives Apricot Scrub giving micro tears...

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