Friday, August 13, 2021

REPOST :: "Now he's getting a tattoo. Yeah he's gettin' ink done. He asked for a 13, but they drew a 31"

"Pretty Fly for a White Guy" by The Offspring has been one of my favorite songs for years now,
and now the tatted 13 lyric has a whole new meaning! 

When I heard that many tattoo shops have a Friday the 13th tradition with tattoos for $13, 
I knew I had to participate in the next one, 
I have been thinking about getting a 13 for a while now because it is good luck in Italy, 
especially in my family,
and lets face it, I can use all the luck I can get. 

We were going to go to Kiss of Ink in Trenton that we have been too before,
Brian Mock did my waves last year, and my triangle and evil eye a few months ago,
but I was not inspired by any of the flash designs he posted on Instagram
& they were $31 with no resizing.

With some exploring I found this flash sheet by tattoobyxxmj in NYC at Mischief Tattoo,
they were so pretty and detailed I had to check it out in person!

Convinced the hubby to take a trip into the city!

We arrived!
It was raining & I was thankful there was an awning from the movie theater next door
because there was a LONG line!
We arrived around 2 and got tattoos around 5,
the line was so long that many people didn't even get in!

We had a lot of time to look at the designs,
 I must have changed my mind a hundred times,
there were so many pretty flowers and others that I loved but it was 1/person

I decided to go with a classic Friday the 13th tattoo and went for this 13 with the 1 as a candle,
it was different, badass, and a little "in memory of"

My 13 was done by yukitats,
the pain level was minimal, I almost fell asleep because I was so tired of standing!
I want to get the flame and the cut filled in with red ink eventually

What I Wore: glasses- Steve Madden, lips- Urban Decay "Anarchy", earrings- Stella & Dot via stylist Kristen, top- vintage via ThePlasticAgeShop on Instagram, tank- Anthropologie, jeans- Gap, flats- Shop Hopes

Then it was more adventure time in NYC!

We walked through Washington Square on this cloudy day,
yet there was still a kid swimming in the fountain...

We went to Milk & Hops at Astor Place for a beer and sandwich,
I follow them on Instagram and was happy to check them out in real life!

I got the Boulevard "Lemon Ginger Radler" which tasted more like a cocktail then a beer,
I liked it!

We shared a "Bacon Bahn Mi" which was delicious!
Next time grill cheese because we heard it was life changing...

My 13 made it on to Mischief Tattoo NYC's instagram!
I love the anatomical heart with flowers, so pretty,
may be one of my next ;)

Next Friday 13th is in January... see you next time!

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