Sunday, August 22, 2021

a 5 year love letter to 10/10 Optics

I can hardly believe it has been over 5 years since I met Ruth from 10/10 Optics

One place that I really missed over quarantine was visiting 10/10 Optics,
I was so sad to see that they had been looted last summer 
but if anyone can turn a terrible situation into something beautiful 
it is Ruth & her 10/10 team!
Loved this window and door artwork done by @wookseart:

I have been stalking their Instagram and LOVING on these lewks
like these fun DeLoor frames on @santa_garabato:

This gold Pugnale Eyewear frame on @courtneybsays is 🙌🏻 

**You are now entering my happy place**

Brought these frames in to get lenses {finally!!}
Top- Savant & Scholar "Bronzeville" frames I got for Christmas from my in-laws
Middle- my FAVORITE pair of Mo Eyewear that I have been coveting for years!
Bottom- oldie Bonlook frames that need new lenses for holiday season 
because this gold glitter is everything! ✨ 

Happy to have a new script and some new lenses!

& of course I had to play with some frames while I was there!
These Theo frames are such fun shapes, finishes and colors!

You know I love me some LA Eyework frames too!
I will one day own a pair of the "house" shape glasses!

Let's not forget about Lafont
because these leopard print glasses ALWAYS speak to my soul!

One of my favorite brands that 10/10 Optics is DeLoor
they are so fun!

These are my top 3! 

The detail of these is 👌🏼

Also tired on some Coco Song frames!

& Ruth gifted me these AMAZING navy frames 
with white & gold marbling on the sides, 
I am so excited! 

On my walk back to Penn Station, 
I passed by my alma matter, 
lookin' good FIT, I miss you!


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