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Humble Beauty Opinion #86 :: January 2021

Last Saturday of the month = my January Humble Beauty Opinion! 
My monthly subscriptions, purchases, reviews, wishlists & empties!

As always, lets start with my monthly subscription Ipsy!
I liked this month's bag- I like the Ahava hand cream 
and the Milani highlighter in "Instant Glow Powder"
Have yet to try the other products 
but I HATE this month's bag- it is plastic and looks so cheap not a fan.

I picked the Youth To The People "Superberry Hydrate + Glow Oil" 
this month but have yet to try it

I also wanted to do a little update/review on this little set that I picked up from Ipsy:

I really wanted to try micro needling and this was the perfect little trial set, 
So far I have been enjoying it, I wanted to use it on a particular patch of skin on my jaw line 
that has some scar tissue from a deep zit (probably maskne) 
and it has definitely has been helping that heal and fade.
I only use it about once a week/once every two weeks and on the weekend 
since you are not suppose to wear makeup for 24 hours. 
So far so good!

Honestly I have a lot of products to try/use these days 
so I may put a pause on my Ipsy subscription...
I think I will wait to see what the February bag has in store 

The reason why I have SO MUCH to try these days is due 
to my AMAZING Christmas gifts from my mother-in-law!

I blogged about my Christmas goodies already but I left out the amazing beauty products 
because they were worth the wait for my Humble Beauty Opinion post! 

Let's just start with the stocking:
Look at all these goodies!
I am loving the Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Spray- all these products smell so good!
I have yet to try the GlamGlow Starpotion 
but I already know I love the Smashbox Photo Finish primer!
& that MAC "Mischief Minx" palette?! 

Love the packaging and the warm shades!

Then I got a HUGE bag of goodies! 
I mean 😳😍

To top is all off----
 I got this INCREDIBLE MAC Advent Calendar!!!
👀 at this thing!!!

I love the variety of the mini lipsticks:
top- "Pink Pigeon" | "Russian Red" | "Cockney" (I think this is my fave!)
bottom- "Sin" | "Yash" | "Relentlessly Red"

Also included in this MAC Advent Calendar: 
Glosses- "Very Go Lightly" | "Explicit" | "Please Me"
MAC star keychain
MAC Prep + Prime lip
MAC LipGlass
MAC Strobe Cream
MAC Prep + Prime Base
MAC Cleanse Off 
MAC Brow Set
Eyeshadows- "Shroom" (I have always wanted this!) | "Cork" | "Satin Taupe"
"Beauty Marked" | "Expensive Pink"
Pigments- "Vanilla" | "Rose" | "Melon"

A huge thank you to my Mother-In-Law! 

Got some goodies on my monthly makeup wishlist!

Lights Lacquer had not one but TWO trios released!
The first one was "It had to be Moon"
My favorite was Moon River, I love this tone!
I am kinda disappointed that this is still sold out and not listed as individuals 
since I already have Moonstone (and honestly it is not my fave)

A very pretty collection!

I loved the little horoscopes they used to introduce this collection too:

Does look like this is the collection @KathleenLights was teasing 
in her Instagram Story, as shared by @lightslacquered:

I love this comparison from @lightslacquer Instagram Story
I want this as a skittle mani ASAP!

Then came the Birthday Brat collection!
I immediately fell in love with "Strawberry Frosting" & "Sugar Baby"!
"Candy Clouds" is pretty too but not my fave

I mean look at this Sugar Baby!

I decided to pick up "Sugar Baby" (I also wanted "Strawberry Frosting" but it was sold out)
and the Treatment Minis Trio from their Advent Calendar
after seeing the "Nourishing Elixir" on @lacqpack 🔛 Instagram:
Excited to try these!

I have got quite a lot on my wishlist this month 
(I know I have been inundated by new products from my Christmas gifts but I can't help it!)

I love this look shared by @erinparsonsmakeup 🔛 Instagram

I would also like to try this Maybelline Color Strike Eyeshadow in "Tempt"
I want to try this "Teddy Bear" lipstick from Dear Dahlia
I love the way it looks so soft and plush on the lips!
{source: sponsored post from @deardahlia_beauty 🔛 Instagram}

I am in a trance over this Tom Ford "Soleil Balm Frost Lip Balm" 
{although it has mixed reviews online}

I must pick up this Loreal "Radical Rosewood" lip

A similar tone/sentiment towards these Jason Wu Beauty lipsticks 

I think I am going to try this Urban Decay "Stay Naked Hydromaniac Tinted Glow Hydrator"
I am looking for something with some coverage but less cakey on the face 
and this looks like it might fit the bill

I have also gotten sucked into "skin care Tik Tok" 
and now want to try Paula's Choice "Exfoliate Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant" 
& CeraVe "Renewing SA Cleanser" as recommended by @maggiejoan 🔛 Tik Tok:

I also was interested in trying this Cinema Secrets "Professional Grade Makeup Brush Cleaner" 
as seen on @you_srs 🔛 Tik Tok but the reviews are mixed on Amazon 
with a lot of people saying that their brushes got ruined so I am not so sure about this...

This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated  
& all my humble opinions in between:
beauty: Trader Joe's "Coconut Body Butter"- LOVE this stuff, a must have all year round | Trader Joe's "Rose Water Facial Toner" x2- obviously I love this stuff, it is the first step after cleansing in my makeup routine | Neutrogena Hydro Boost in "Radiant Rose 50"- this was one of my favorite lip glosses! The perfect amount of color and comfortable on the lips, must get a new one! | "Woman" by Ralph Lauren perfume- I loved and would purchase this! | /skin regimen/ "/energizing illumination lotion"- this as just okay but it was a lot more liquidly and scented than I expected | Sunday Riley "Luna"- I liked the way this stuff smelled and the ritual of putting it on at night but the dark blue/green color is a little intimidating | OPI "Natural Nail Strengthener"- this lasted forever and I liked it but I am ready to try the Lights Lacquer treatments!

bath: Lush "sex bomb" bath bomb- I loved the way this one smelled, would recommend! | beauty 360 Jumbo Cotton Balls- these are my fave, perfect size! | Suave "Almond + Shea Butter Conditioner"- this lasted FOREVER! I enjoyed it and it is super cheap! | Caress daily silk "white peach & orange blossom" I liked this body wash but it was nothing special | Burt's Bees' "natural acne solutions"- this was okay but sometimes left my skin a little too dry | Revlon Colorsilk "Deep Burgundy"- my fave hair color! | Trader Jacques (Trader Joe's) "French Liquid Soap"- I LOVE this hand soap, sells so fancy | Dr. Bronner's "Pure-Castile Bar Soap"- I love this soap, love the peppermint smell | Summer's Eve "Blissful Escape"- these are a must (especially for travel)! This is a new scent and I like them! | Jo Malone "Geranium & Walnut" Body Scrub- I love the scent of this and it is such a nice scrub, the scent lingers so works as a perfume too! | Sand & Sky "Australian Pink Clay" Porefining Face Mask from my Ipsy- I liked this face mask it does feel like it tightens | the coffee scrub "rose"- I was so excited to try this! I did not know that you had to put it on and leave it on for 5 mins in the shower but I LOVE it, it leaves my skin so soft! | Trader Joe's "Peppermint Toothpaste"- I hate this as actual toothpaste, but I love it for cleaning my bathtub! It is the only thing that takes the soap scum off! I leave it on for like 5 mins and scrub it off!

candles: Yankee Candle "Evergreen Mist"- I got this to supplement our fake Christmas tree and this was a nice one! | Rustic Sugar Creek Co "Love That Journey For Me"- I got this as a gift from my Secret Santa Courtney and I loved it! | Trader Joe's "Cedar Balsam"- I liked this but I wish these had more scent throw |  Target "Cozy Nights"- this is my favorite fall/winter scent! Been a fave for years!

Whoohoo that was a long one! 
What is on your beauty wishlist this month?
Do you miss wearing lipstick as much as I do??

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