Saturday, March 7, 2020

February 2020 Humble Beauty Opinion #75!

I had all intentions of writing this post last Saturday 
but alas my computer took its last breath Saturday morning.
Better late than never, my February Humble Beauty Opinion! 
My monthly subscriptions, purchases, reviews, wishlists & empties!

Lets start with this month's Ipsy 
& it was a good one!

 The heart sunglasses add on is JUST TOO CUTE!
I am loving these keychains,
also loving the brush I got as an add on, it is great for under eye powder
I also purchased this little duo from Alterna, 
these are some of my favorite hair products mainly because of their scent!
Although my husband stole the leave in conditioner 
& now says I have to keep it stocked because he loves it

When I saw this "Microdermabrasion Scrub" from @traderjoesadventures on Instagram 
I knew I wanted to try it and Charlie picked it up for me!
I really like it so far!

Another exciting beauty related purchase this month 
was the black and white duo from Lights Lacquer:

Obsessed with this black and white flame mani: 

I also purchased (& in one case repurchased) two polishes from H&M online this month, 
I am obsessed with the polish "Go-To-Griege", I had to get a new one after I realized my old one was too thick to use anymore =(
These nail polishes are AMAZING! 
{I have been raving about them for years!}
I also picked up the holographic polish "Encore" and am loving that one too!
I attempted to get a new yellow from H&M too since my "Golden Turmeric" is getting a little old but the one I picked was apparently sold out =(

I do love these polishes but I do NOT love the way they were shipped...
like WHY???
Two nail polishes came in a box that could fit a pair of boots!

Now on to what I haven't purchased (yet)

You would think I would have enough nail polishes 
(my husband definitely thinks that...) 
but nope!
I still have some on my wishlist!
I love the color combo of Essie Expressie polishes
from top to bottom- "In A Flash Sale" | "Crop Top & Roll"
"Don't Hate Curate" | "Air Dry"

Also loved these Hella Handmade Creation polishes 

I want to try this Winky Lux "Rainbow Balm" as seen on @thetargetdiva πŸ”› Instagram:

I also want to try this Florence gloss that @mrsannawharton's Instagram Story:

This Pinky Rose Cosmetics x Riley Rose "Stormy" palette looks AMAZING,
love these brights!

 Also interested in the new Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette but haven't pulled the trigger yet:

This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated  
& all my humble opinions in between:
bath: Dr. Bronner's "Pure-Castile Bar Soap"- you know we love these! / Donkey Milk "Skin Gel Mask"- love these face masks! Nice and hydrating! / Klorane "Smoothing and relaxing patches"- this was one of the first times I tried just an eye patch, not sure it did anything but felt nice / Drunk Elephant "Beste No 9 Jelly Cleanser"- really liked this product but the packaging is kinda weird, since it comes out of the top of the lid / Clean & Clear "Morning Burst" travel size- I liked this it was a throwback since I think I used this in high school / Wander Peel Off Face Mask- this stuff was hot pink and sparkly! I enjoyed it although I don't usually peel these off just rinse / Lush Bath Balm "Olive Branch" (I think)- these are always such a treat! {see video below!} / Revlon "Colorsilk Deep Burgundy"- a classic favorite of mine" / Loreal "Deep Burgundy 3DB"- I found this on sale at Target and it may be my new favorite! I think it lasted a lot longer than the others and stayed brighter! / equate "Makeup Remover"- these are my favorite makeup wipes from Walmart / Summer's Eve "Island Splash Cleansing Cloths"- love these for a refresh!

beauty: Suave "Firm Control"- a great cheap hair spray! / Degree "Dry Protection" travel deodorant- I liked this, pretty basic / Trader Joe's "Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer"- I really like this and it lasts forever! / H&M "Go-To-Griege"- already bought a new one, these polishes are amazing! / Cream colored shadow from the Urban Decay Unzipped palette- loved this for the brow bone/undereye

candles: Trader Joes "Mango Tangerine" candle- I liked this one, not sure how it got so melted lol / Yankee Candle "Joy"- we got this as a gift and I loved it! I think we will have to get one every holiday season to ease the change of not having a real Christmas tree anymore...

Happy Humble Beauty Opinion!

Couldn't agree more

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