Sunday, February 23, 2020

"Rose-colored glasses all distorted"

{source: via Pinterest}

This is a post that I have been putting off, mulling over 
and really contemplated writing about. 
It all starts/revolves around this pair of Rose Gold Aviator glasses from Zenni Optical:

To be clear: the purpose of this post is not to rehash this argument/attack 
but rather to discuss some of the claims made & my overall thoughts on this situation. 

I have gone back and forth about whether or not to post 
the comment section "conversation" in its entirety. 
After considerable thought I have decided to edit out the Instagram account 
that initiated this "conversation" and give a brief overview.

This was the initial comment/exchange: 

 This was his next response: 
 He went on & on about budget optics 
and how as an "influencer" I should "disclose the truth".

When my honesty was called into question,
 I could feel myself getting hot under the collar.

Well here is the truth:
I feel I have have always been honest with my readers/followers. I have plenty of glasses from online retailers, some that I have bought with my own money and some that have been sent to me.
I have been upfront with quality issues (if there were any- most of the time they are just fine). 
No one buys glasses for $10 and expects them to be as good as the $500+ glasses from professional opticians. The truth is many people can not afford to get glasses at their current mark up prices from boutiques, especially someone like me who wears a different pair almost everyday. 
I enjoy wearing glasses at different price points and that is a personal choice. I have been open to collaborations from tons of brands and retailers. 

Retailers like Ruth from 10/10 Optics create one of a kind experiences that make my eyeglass loving heart pitter patter. I am fortunate enough to consider Ruth a friend and I truly cherish my glasses from her. No online retailer (and not many brick & mortar stores for that matter) can create an curated collection and superb customer service like Ruth has mastered at 10/10 Optics.

That being said- the quality of online glasses are not all crap, as in the case with a lot the pairs I own including the frames in this selfie. Sure some are cheaper than others, 
but as with everything in life- YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.
Just because the price point is higher for some glasses does not necessarily mean 
they are not made by cheap labor in another country. 
Also to note: my prescription is a pretty standard single vision. 

I understand that the shifting in the optical industry is scary for a lot of people, and scary enough to cause this business owner to lash out on a selfie of an “influencer” that he does not even know. 
Instead businesses/companies should focus on the strengths of their business and what you have to offer your customers and “influencers” such as myself. 

Bottom Line: I do not need anyone, especially a random man on the internet,
 to tell me how to spend my money or write my personal blog.


He has since removed his comments from that photo and messaged me to apologize 
about the things he said about my "otherwise harmless blog". 

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