Monday, February 10, 2020

"Don't worry 'bout me, I'm doing good, I'm doing great, alright" - Tierra Whack

I have become obsessed with the very short bop "Pretty Ugly" from Tierra Whack:

Added it to my 20/20 Would Recommend Spotify Playlist of course!

Although last week I was not "doing great" or "alright"
last Tuesday this little bugger finally had his appointment to get his little teefs taken out.
Barry is going to be 10 this summer and for the last couple years his little teef 
have been rotting out of his head. 

I love this little baby and was so nervous for him to be put under anesthesia, 
needless to say I shed a lot of tears and probably lost a couple years of my life due to stress

I dropped him off and headed home to wait to hear from the vet,
Maggie must have known that I was upset because she was such a sweet girl,
she brought me all of her toys, including the box the toys are stored in:

I finally got to pick up my little bugger,
although he was HIGH AS A KITE,
I was so happy the procedure went well and that he is now on his way to recovery!

Not going to lie the next day going to work was tough, 
I did not feel like myself at all, 
it was hard to get dressed, hard to do my makeup.
I just didn't want to leave Barry at home,
Thank God Charlie works close to home and got to check on him around lunch

What I Wore: glasses- Faniel Eyewear, lips- NARS "Let's Go Crazy" & Maybelline "70 Pink Shock", earrings- ? {Clair's I think}, necklace- Julie Vos "Penelope Delicate" & "Chloe Delicate", sweater- c/o Tobi, top- Ignition Clothing Store {doesn't exist anymore}, pants- Gap, booties- Target

I was so happy I got to spend the weekend home with Barry 
& he seems to be doing much better now,
except he was not thrilled to be brushed out:

I had a "WTF" and a "LOL" moment at this post from @moistbuddha 🔛 Instagram:

No matter what this little weirdo looks like in an Xray, 
he is the sweetest creature ever, 
this cartoon from @humphreypugcartoon 🔛 Instagram is a daily occurrence with a pug:

My sister Audrey shared this on Facebook from Staffies and bullies
 and I had to giggle and share it:

Dogs really are the best.

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