Wednesday, February 19, 2020

life is a combo of magic & pasta.

I'm backkkkk!
I had to take an unexpected blogging break last weekend 
because my computer completely stopped working last Thursday.
I couldn't even get it to turn on, all I would get was a dark blue screen.

I tried Apple Care through messenger and tried all their suggestions 
and couldn't get it to do anything, after those suggestions failed,
 I made an appointment with the Genus Bar at Apple.

I was at the Apple store for about 5 minutes before the guy said,
"It's your graphics card, they will have to send it out and take it apart to replace it.
It costs $450 and will take about a week. Maybe you should consider a new computer because this one is 5 years old at this point"

I was like 😧😩
and knew we were not about to drop that amount of money so we left to think about it.

Charlie said he had another computer place that was certified in fixing MacBooks 
and we should see what they say. 

they said that they service computers on a first come, first serve basis 
and would take a look at it for a diagnostic fee of $85 that would be applied toward the repair.

I decided to give it a shot before forking over $450 at Apple
or determining to drop like 2K on a new computer.

He said they would probably get to my computer on Monday. 
Well they called Monday and said, "Yeah we have your computer up and running and can't find anything wrong with it... I mean you have A LOT of folders on your desktop and a really cute dog as your background but it started right up and is running just fine"

I asked them to install the latest software update because it was giving me trouble last week 
and he installed it and said "everything is running just fine"

So we picked it up and it is working again.

Bottom line- WHAT THE FUCK APPLE?!
In the past I have felt like I was treated fairly by Apple when I had issues or repairs
 but this felt like a blatant money grab bullshit.

What I Wore: glasses- Muse x Hilary Duff "Clara" from GlassesUSA (more on these bad boys coming on the blog!), earrings- Julie Vos, necklace- Julie Vos "Coin Charm", top- vintage, pants- Old Navy, shoes- vintage Gucci via A Second Chance, bag- Lauren Conrad @ Kohls

A couple weeks ago we went to Charcoal in Yardley, PA to celebrate a recent raise!
The food is always SO GOOD at Charcoal! 
Charlie had the Rye Radiatori & I especially enjoyed the octopus & the scallops!

{source: via Pinterest}

Really though.

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