Monday, November 11, 2019

Fire Flames.

"Fire flames. That is how I describe things that are really cute" - Ashley, my coworker

I feel in love with these Katy Perry shoes for sale from yellowkate on Poshmark
and for $23 I had to make them mine!

What I Wore: glasses- Bonlook, lips- Loreal "Blake's Red", earrings- Julie Vos, necklace- gift from mom, Nonna & eye from Hunt & Orchard, top- via Marshalls, jacket- vintage Gap, pants- Talbots via Poshmark, flats- Katy Perry via yellowkate on Poshmark

Today's ring bling is the perfect trifecta!
All Julie Vos of course!

After work, Charlie met me in the city and we went out to dinner at NoNoNo
with my coworker/bestie Olivia and her hubby

I thought everything we had was really tasty
 but very small portions as they are "tapas" and meant to share, 
a weird thing about this restaurant is that the menu includes big pictures of each dish 
& only three a page so you have to remember what you wanted from page 2 
when you are still flipping through the long menu.

My favorite dish was the "Chawan Mushi" which is a Japanese steamed egg custard with shrimp, of course I added the crab, salmon roe, and sea urchin! 
It was SO GOOD! 

 These fire shoes are the perfect footwear for my eventual/eternal trip to "the bad place",
this tweet from @alicewetterlund made me giggle maniacally:

Speaking of "the bad place" have you watched "The Good Place"??

We have been loving it!

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