Saturday, May 11, 2019

Shopping Cart Saturday!

 I was so excited!
I mean, look how pretty that floral couch is?!
I love the whole look of this decor:

It looks so beautiful and I was thinking I could find the perfect pieces 
for a seating area by the stairs in our house.
I thought these mustard midcentury chair would be so perfect!
But then I saw the price point for these pieces...
$400 @ Walmart?!
& the floral couch is $700!

and I am guessing out of the price range of the average Walmart customer, 
especially because their posts about the collection have been getting some heat on social media...

In other Shopping Cart Saturday adventures I stopped by TJMaxx recently 
and spotted this cute bag from the brand Pratesi, 
I love the shape and the patches!

I love this little Alice & Olivia Stace Face tote for sale from Fabonn04's Poshmark Closet:
So cute!  

I also fell in love with this vintage Levis bandana print jacket 

I love this vintage top from gbosslady's Poshmark Closet
we have a very similar vintage style, there are so many pieces I am in love with 
& her closet is giving me lots of inspo for mine

I also love these red & blue crayon flats from coutureunicorn's closet on Poshmark:

I am so in love with this "Smol" necklace from nora.sermez on Instagram:

Which lead me to investigate Nora Sermez Jewelry and the pieces are so beautiful!
Top: "Luxi"

 I have always loved Pamela Love jewelry and I love this combo in this Instagram post:

I want one of those fish!

Another random Shopping Cart Saturday with all the things I love
 but have yet/ever to actually purchase!

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