Saturday, December 15, 2018

Shopping Cart Saturday!

 What I am loving, putting in my digital "shopping cart" 
but not able/willing to pull the trigger on...

I love these geometric patterns on these Katy Perry flats, 
so 80's and so perfect.

I love this sweater that budgetbabe shared on her Instagram

I alluded to the leopard print goodness that was coming from Who What Wear @ Target
in my last Shopping Cart Saturday post and it finally dropped last week!

Both colors of this Leopard Print Long Sleeve Turtle Neck top 
are perfect staples in my opinion!

Love both of these shift dresses!

In other Who What Wear @ Target news, 
this polka dot coat is amazing, 

I love the duck print of this Wear Material top: 

I have been loving these button/tie shirts, 
especially the cut of this one from shopeverydayco:

I love these buffalo plaid plates from Walmart


Still want to get my hands on one of these super cute pouches from Walmart 

Obsessed with these leather pants with red side stripes from Zara,

I love these hand necklaces from carnelianmoonjewelry on Instagram:

Love this eye necklace and those super cute skull earrings from krisnations on Instagram:

Love these bone rings from hellhoundjewelry on Instagram:

I love the leafy version of these blinky necklaces from thisshitblinks:

I love the version 2.0 of Hunt & Orchard's Matryoshka Doll necklaces,
the original version was of my first Hunt & Orchard necklaces 
and oh my god has my collection grown...

I am obsessed with this vintage wool tapestry from TheVerdeBee:

This meme that my friend Bobbi-Lyn shared on Facebook is SO accurate, 
especially with holiday shopping:

The world we are living in.

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