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December Humble Beauty Opinion #61!

Last Saturday of the month = Humble Beauty Opinion 🔛 the blog! 
My monthly subscriptions, reviews, wish lists, and empties!

Let's start with my monthly subscription(s?)

I loved this month's Sephora Play, including the Christmas sweater pattern bag!
The Sephora lip liner in "02 nothin' but nude" has become a favorite,
 but it is a very small sample, I will probably use this up soon...
the fresh Sugar Caramel lip balm is really nice, 
I am excited to try the rest of the products but they all look promising! 

& my Ipsy bag never arrived this month...
of course it is the one I was most excited about, 
especially these two products:
Nomad Cosmetics "Around-The-World Light Infusion Holographic Illuminator
 in Ko Phablets Ngan Moonlight" 
& INMO "Frozen Lipstick in Runway Red"

Ipsy said they sent a replacement one but it may not contain the same products... 
I am going to be so disappointed if it doesn't have those two.
So much so that this might be the end of my Ipsy subscription...

I ordered a couple of things from Morphe this month:
I have been searching for a good powder brush and I ordered the E41 Round Deluxe Powder, it is pretty good, a little more dense than I am used to but I like it.
 I got another Morphe setting spray,
 although I am not sure if I love this as much as the Urban Decay "All Nighter"

I was so excited to find this Lipstick Queen Frog Princess Lip Gloss at TJMaxx for $6!
I have wanted to try these products for a while now and I've been loving it! 

Lots of goodies on my monthly makeup wishlist this month,
mainly because I have been trying to use what I have and limit my purchases.

Kl Polish released their winter collection,
of course all of them are so pretty but my favorite is "Winter Is Coming"

I also love this "Brighton #NP883" color from Zoya,
as pictured on their Instagram from nailistayco:

I love this gold polish that Essie shared on Instagram in this sponsored post:

I think the next time I get my nails done I want this mani:

I could not believe that I found these goodies at TJMaxx while holiday shopping,
I have always wanted the Kat Von D Shade & Light palette
and love the colors in the Anastasia "Subculture" palettes.
Both were around $28-$30 so still discounted but a little pricy,
I passed them up to try and use the palettes I already own but I am still thinking about the Subculture palette so may go spend some Christmas $$ on it...

Apparently the emilynoel83 x Makeup Revolution palette is back in stock on Ulta,
still thinking about it, not 100% sure yet though.

I am loving the new "Secret Diaries Harmony Collection" from Devinah Cosmetics,
especially the Virago & Toska shades:
{source: left- devinahcosmetics on Instagram}

This swatches look so pretty from mimera929 on Instagram
 of the Colourpop "Jelly Much Shadows"
I especially love the "Sweet Dreams" shade:

I love "The Lou Manizer'sQuad" highlighter palette from thebalm,
I especially want to try the Emma-Lou,
I mean it is my name sake and a lilac highlighter!
Wish I could just get that one to add to my collection!
{source: thebalm on Instagram}

I want to try the new Fenty Beauty gloss in Fu$$y,
I have "Glow" and I LOVE it, so much so I am almost done with my little one
and who actually finishes lip glosses?!
{source: left- trendmood1 on Instagram | right- trendmood1 on Instagram}

The Kat Von D "Lolita" collection looks really pretty,
I want to try the eyeliner & still want the shadow!

I want this MAC lipstick mix of Shiny Pretty Things in "A Wink of Pink" and "Babetown"
looks like the perfect pink/sparkle!

I am interested in try one of these face rollers that everyone is talking about,
apparently this "Skin Gym" one is working for mrsannawharton, as seen on her Instagram story:

I am thinking about getting this TRESemme "Pre-Wash Conditioner",
I used it at my parents house and really liked the results!
I want to try these Aldi candles,
I have heard so many good things about them,
and recently saw them on thedealqueen's Instagram story:

This month's empties, what I used up, loved, hated
& all my humble opinions in between:
bath: equate "Jumbo Cotton Balls"- I hate running out of these, this is the perfect size unlike the tiny ones I bought from CVS by accident / St. Ives "Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub"- I have been using this forever and love it, my skin freaks when I run out of it / Biore "Nose Strips"- I used to love these but I don't think this one worked very well / Revlon "Vivid Red"- my favorite hair color these days, so bright! / beauty360 "Strengthening Nail Polish"- eh this was okay, doesn't work very quickly / Dr. Bronner's "All-One Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Bar Soap" (x4)- apparently we love this... and are also so fresh and so clean clean / Colgate Advanced Whitening toothpaste- a good standard toothpaste / White Rain Hair Spray- super cheap, pretty decent / Olay "Ultra Moisture Body Wash"- one of my sisters left this at my house and I used it up, a nice hydrating body wash / S.W. Basics "Cleanser"- I have had this FOREVER. Definitely too long but since it required water to rinse it off it lived in the bathroom and didn't get used quickly like my other cleaners / Dr. Teals "Pure Epsom Salt Relax & Relief"- I love taking a bath with these, smells so wonderful

beauty: Urban Decay "Smoked" pallete- I depotted this into a Z-Pallete and have been using this to travel with my makeup brushes and am enjoying it / bh cosmetics "Shaaanxo Palette"- I also depotted this into a Z-Pallete- I like the colors in this but were not using it enough by itself so by breaking it down I feel like I will enjoy it more / Dermalogica "Calm Water Gel" I got this from Influenster and LOVED it! Such a great moisturizer, I am going to miss it! / Equate "Ultra Moisturizing"- I don't like this one as much as other generic lotions, it has a weird smell / Trader Joe's "Coconut Body Butter"- a favorite! Smells wonderful / Morphe "Continuous Setting Mist"- I like this setting spray and repurchased but not sure it is my favorite / e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set- I like this setting spray and it is super cheap but the spray sucks so I love it to my UD bottle #hack / Maybelline concealer "Cafe" I used this as a liquid contour/bronzer and it was good but I ended up adding what was left to my foundation, I don't think liquid bronzers are my jam / Reveal "Concentrated Luminizing Drops"- as with the liquid bronzer, liquid highlighter is not my favorite either, but added this to my foundation for an everyday glow / Makeup Forever foundation samples (Y225 on the right, R230 on the left)- I enjoyed these and will probably purchase this foundation when my frankenstein foundation runs out... / Maybelline Age Rewind in "Light"- these are my favorite and I have already repurchased, these are an everyday product / Caudalie "VinoSource" serum- I enjoyed this but not sure if I saw any difference / bare minerals mineral veil- I enjoy this foundation as more of a "finishing powder" / Cover | FX "Translucent Light"- I enjoyed this for setting the under eye area / Ciate "Extraordinary Transluent Powder"- I liked this for under the eyes too and have repurposed this jar for a broken black eyeshadow / 10/10 Optics eyeglass cleaner- you know I love 10/10 Optics and love having these eyeglass cleaners on hand! /   Clinique "Black Honey"- at first I was disappointed by this color but I ended up loving just throwing it on, apparently a lot because I used it all up! / benefit "Porefessional"- this is still my favorite primer, it is SO GOOD! / benefit "That Gal"- a very pink shimmy primer, not my favorite but I used it up, LOVE the bottle though, the back of it is a skyline! / OPI "Liquid Sand "Can't Let Go"- I used to love these polishes but this one is SOLID, I tried my nail polish thinner but nothing would help #RIP / Commodity "Gold"- I loved this scent I am sad this little sample is done / "Romantic Petals"- not sure who makes this but it was nice / Yves Saint Laurent "Mon Paris Eau de Perfum"- enjoyed this one too / Soap & Glory "The Righteous Butter"- I love this scent of this! / Bobbi Brown mascara- this was okay but Sephora Play sent met two of these instead of a Tarte lipstick and I'm a little bitter about it.

Candles: Mainstays (Walmart) "Pumpkin Frosting"- love this but it is a very sweet smell / Mainstays (Walmart) "Cozy Comfort"- I loved this scent but the "Cozy" scent from Target is my all time fave but I haven't been able to find it. / ScentSationals (Walmart) "Holiday Cookies" I like this scent for my warmers!

I am a fan of the Julia's Lip Tints (these were given to me from the company)
 and use them frequently under my lipstick to perk up the color of my lips
but the large size of the Terracotta shade LEAKS.
I have been trying to salvage the color but I just can't have this lippie ruining my bags/clothes/life.
Had to throw it out at work after trying to make the packaging work one last time =(

My husband sent me and my sisters this meme and I asked if this was me and he said,
{source: hoodclips on Instagram}

Except this is more of what I think it looks like:

I love these "Less Popular Festive Nail Polish Colors" from Gemmacorrell on Instagram:

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