Sunday, December 25, 2016

twas the night before Christmas every creature was stirring in this family...

This Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is getting better and better, 
it sounds like a rainstick when you walk by with all the needles falling...
Sums up 2016 for sure! 

After gifts, the naked tree became even more obvious...

Stanley looks so handsome in his hand-me-down Christmas sweater from Barry and Maggie

My family knows me very well,
awesome prints from my sister Silvia and a "F*** Politeness" mug from my sister Audrey

Pretty floral bangle from my sister Bianca

& these pretty pictures from Bianca, I can't wait to find the perfect spot for them!

But THEN...
My sisters were acting so strange looking for a package that was suppose to be delivered,
I had no idea what was going on and when they handed it to me I was so confused.
The one I have been thinking about since I saw it on Instagram on Thursday!
I was so sad when it sold and I can believe it sold to my sister FOR ME!
They said I turned bright red and looked totally shocked.
I was.
I still can't believe it, it is total perfection.

Made even more perfect by the addition of authentic pug hair...

Had to change my Christmas Eve outfit to wear this sweater, obviously.

 What I Wore: glasses- c/o Faniel via 10/10 Optics, lips- Ofra Cosmetics x Kathleen Lights "Havana Nights", earrings- Clair's, necklace- JCrew, cardigan- GIFT FROM MY SISTERS from newagain_510 on Poshmark, top- thrifted, pants- Old Navy, flats- Faryl Robin "Celinda Velvet Embellished Flats"

Christmas Eve dinner at my Zia's

Ended up moving the bears into position all night

My sister Audrey tried to convince us that she can "make exactly the same noise as a phone vibrate"
I died laughing.

My cousin Johnna made Cranberry Rosemary Holiday Punch that was dangerous.
It tasted like a spa water, it was delicious!

Loved this picture of my Nonna and Nonno,
especially her polka dot dress and my gangsta Nonno with a cig

Love my Nonna!

We attempted to play that unwrap game but it didn't go very far,
Nonna was first. Good thing I rolled doubles on the first try

In the gift exchange, I ended up with Hello Kitty salt and pepper shakers!
I love them

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