Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Shopping: Plato's Closet Opens!

I was shocked & so excited to see that a Plato's Closet was opening in my local strip mall! 

Me and my sister went to check it out & realized that it didn't actually open until May 15th at 10am,
we browsed anyway

& of course I fell in love with some items…
like this awesome printed belt for $8

& these AMAZING Kate Spade loafers for $12! 
Yes, only $12!

Just so happened that the opening was also graduation so I was taking off anyway!

My plan was to get there at 9:30 to get the items I wanted but I got there at 9:45 and there was already a line! 
I was so nervous that they were there for the same items, 
I was like checking out their shoe sizes…
I know, I am crazy...

1st 50 people got a bag!

which I filled with all the items I came for and more!

It was crazy!

I got the Kate Spade loafers, lipstick print skirt from Pacsun's Kylie and Kendall, MinkPink sweatshirt, leather belt, & Steve Madden Intyce boots for my sister 
All for $50! 

Never even been warn!

I wanted this MinkPink sweater on a Valentines Day wish list a couple of years ago, 
I couldn't believe it when I found it in Plato's Closet TAGS & all! 

I fell in love with this print on a mannequin in the store too!

My sister loves my Intyce Steve Madden boots & we found these for only $25! 

I have been wearing my new Kate Spade loafers non stop!

What I Wore: glasses- ℅ coastal , top- vintage via ShopTwitchVintage necklace- , pants- Gap, flats- Kate Spade {via Plato's Closet}  

Then we celebrated with some sushi at Peony Pavilion!

& some lobster roll & lobster mac and cheese at North End Bistro in Princeton for dinner!

New shoes & seafood = HAPPY Weekend!

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Tara said...

I will need to go check the store out soon! Can't believe you scored those shoes for $12!!