Thursday, May 22, 2014

JCrew, worth a parking ticket?

So flashback to a run to Princeton, NJ because I HAD to have this top,

What I Wore: glasses- Rivet & Sway "Pink Punchlines", lips- Maybelline "Fuchsia Flash", top- JCrew, jeans- Levis, flats- Forever 21 

I knew exactly what I wanted & was gone no longer than 10 minutes,
& I came back to find this ticket on my car,
for "Parking outside the lines"
I drive a beetle, you should park two of my cars in a spot...
Well that turned by amazing score of a JCrew shirt on sale for like $15 into a $55 top with this "fee" 

Not one to be brought down by nonsense, 
I got some sushi from my favorite place Nassau Sushi in Princeton 
{those spicy tuna rolls… heaven}
& completed my lifeguard computer training as planned...

& had some Bent Spoon...
When you finally get the top you want, 
you can't let a parking ticket get you down…

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